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All salaries are listed as of July 6, 2016 as gross monthly salaries, not including any fringe benefits such as health insurance costs, life insurance benefits and pension plans. Salaries or wages do not include any overtime that the employee may earn which would be paid by the county.
Acord, David; Alderete, Christine G; Archuleta, Claudia; Archuleta, Lody J; Baldwin, Cindy L; Bangs, Beau W; Bartlett, Gwynneth G; Beaver, Dominic P; Bentsen, Patricia A; Biggs, Glenn D; Bisceglia, Debra J; Black, Anne M; Black, Leo T; Bonner, Brynna; Bowlus, Jacqueline E; Brightly, Trenton; Brown, Ron; Burkhart, Cynthia K; Burns, Zachary T; Chapman, Leo J; Chavez, Sarah L; Christopher, John T; Colschen, Sonya; Colson, Jerald R; Cook, Philip S; Cousineau, Cindy S; Davis, Ashley M; Deist Fairhurst, Jodie A; DeVaun, Erik; Devlin, Joseph; Espy, John R; Fall, Debra A; Fisher, Thomas A; Fox, Sidney N; Fritz, Kandis M; Gale, Penny L; George, Becky M; Glode, Lindy L; Grayswan, Velena; Griffith, Robyn P; Halcomb, Patricia; Hale, Justin K; Hansen, Loretta J; Hardy, Paul N; Hawks, Roger R; Hedges, Lonnie D; Herring, Andrew E; Hicks, Janelle R; Hillebrand, Kristopher; Hobbs, Caleb; Howard, Mishell S; Hughes, Chris J; Johnson, James S; Johnson, Willing J; Johnston, Ranae; Jolly, Ashley N; Jones, Craig E; Jones, Laura Jean; Kaluzny, Emily; Keller, Eileen T; Kelley, Shawn B; Kelly, Michael K; Kirsch, Archie P; Lakia, Thomas J; Lally, Brian J; Law, Holly L; Lazarkiewicz, Debora C; Lehr, Casey; Martinez, Juanita M; Martinez, Sadie M; McAllister, Mary; Miles, Sarah M; Montoya, Michele V; Moore, John; Nation, Charles W Jr; Newbrough, Tracy L; Newbrough, Wendy J; Newsome, Jacob; Norris, John B; Nyman, Brittany; Olson, Dolores; Otto, Mickie L; Palato, Sue A; Park, Randy E; Parlow, David W; Peterson, Shyanne K; Piche, James; Piper, Robert C; Ramsey, Rex A; Redding, David; Redding, Kristin; Rerucha, Calvin E; Rieger, Joanna; Robinson, David R; Rosacker, Lanette R; Rosentreter, Catherine P; Ross, Cheryl A; Rowan, Kristy R; Roybal, Archie C; Rutherford, John R; Sanger, Mara M; Schofield, Steven E; Shue, Kevin W; Sikes, Melisa A; Smith, Lisa M; Smith, Loretta; Snider, Renee; Snyder, Dawnessa A; Starr, Kimberly K; Steele, April; Taylor, Bruce A; Terrill, Brenda; Thompson, Lester E; Torres, Jorge L; Turner, Erik; Umberger, Robin L; Vigil, Kerri; Von Heeder, Nichole; Wagner, Mark T; Walcker, Cindy C; Waldron, Amber; Walker, Jeanette; Webster, Matthew S; West, Lindsey; Woods, Andrea; Zamora, Paul A; Zeiger, John P; Zucker, Ashlee L.
Elected Officials & Department Heads County Commissioner (five) $2,083.33 each; County Clerk, Assessor, Treasurer, Sheriff, Clerk of District Court, and Coroner $5,918.38 each; County Attorney $7,500.00; Road & Bridge Supervisor $6,080.90; IT Director $6,075.00; Planning Director $6,653.80; Building Manager $5,000.00; and Mental Health Examiner $4,285.66; Other employees are as follows: Deputy Assessor $4,837.14, $3,010.10, (three) $2,616.67 each; Deputy County Attorney $5,583.33, (two) $6,750.00 each, $7,000.00; Legal Assistant $2,666.67, $2,833.33, $2,916.67, $2,979.17, $3,083.33, $3,750.00; Custodian (two) $2,333.33 each, (two) $2,500.00 each, $3,208.33; Maintenance Tech $2,101.20, $3,122.39, $3,750.00, $3,250.74; Deputy Clerk $4,169.04, $3,515.00, $3,284.50, $3,156.25, $3,045.50, $2,832.50, $2,808.33, $2,916.67; Deputy Clerk of Court $4,157.81, $2,779.59, $2,625.01; Administrative Assistant $2,416.67, $3,350.00; Secretary $2,150.00; Fire Apparatus Mechanic $3,583.33; Fire Warden $735.42; Fire Warden Assistant $735.42; Emergency Management $1,666.67; IT Specialist $3,604.00; Planner/GIS Specialist $3,300.00; Office Manager $3,554.57, $3,088.50, $3,624.57; Response Coordinator $3,120.00; Public Health Nurse $4,443.00; Road & Bridge Supervisor (three) $4,359.99 each; Labor/Operator (five) $4,128.86 each; Deputy Sheriff $4,661.62, $4,621.62, $4,371.94, (five) $4,259.74 each, (three) $4,146.74 each, (four) $4,028.20 each, (ten) $3,988.20 each, (five) $3,888.20 each, (three) $3,788.20 each; Dispatcher $3,776.98, (two) $3,659.98 each, (four) $3,619.98 each, $3,584.98; Health Nurse $5,416.67, $4,060.83; Housing Control $3,454.74, $3,454.70, $3,304.74; Jail Physician $2,700.00; Records Clerk $3,150.00; Undersheriff $4,837.14; Victims Advocate Coordinator $3,301.74;; Deputy Treasurer $3,963.41, (two) $2,916.67 each, $2,666.67.
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Publish: July 16, 2016

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