A bad case of spring fever

By Chad Abshire

Daily Times editor

If we mention how nice it is outside, we won’t jinx anything, will we?

Well, we’re taking that risk. We’re ecstatic that the snow — fingers crossed — has decided to hit the road for at least a few months so we can all get out and enjoy all the things Carbon County and the Cowboy State has to offer.

Everyone in the office has got a serious case of spring fever. It’s bad. We could barely stay in the office Friday — we just had to get out in the sun. Friday was the day the newsroom’s eyes were green with envy at not having windows like the front part of the building does.

And it’s fitting that with spring hopefully here to stay that the world celebrated Earth Day Friday. In fact, more than a billion people were estimated to be participating in Earth Day across the globe, and our little slice of Wyoming is getting involved too.

Today, a day after world leaders signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, people are headed out south to clean up some junk that had been dumped out that way. To the volunteers and organizers, we thank you for getting involved in helping clean up Carbon County.

Our county is a special place and needs to be taken care of. Consider all the wonderful things we have — our bodies of water, our great hiking trails and all the eye-popping scenery that’s finally starting to get green.

But they can only be wonderful if we take care of them.

And a first impression is worth a ton for the visitors we have and — will have in the future — who are looking to have a fun time in a nice, clean community with the aforementioned things we offer. And that’s not even considering all the other cool stuff in Carbon County people stop by for.

But that’s not to say the community isn’t already doing its part. With previous city cleanup days being well attended and the next one coming up in May, along with another round of free landfill days and curbside pick ups, we know the community knows how important it is to keep the area looking fresh and welcoming.

And lest we forget, the city’s recycling center posted record numbers in 2014, recycling 122.2 tons of paper, 90.71 tons of cardboard, 9.72 tons of plastic, 19.35 tons of metal and 19.61 tons of glass that year.

As a matter of fact, the city broke its record for most material recycled in a month in August last year with 111,308 pounds for the month. The previous record was 110,997, set in May.

So let’s keep shattering those records.

Especially since it’s so lovely out there for a bit of spring cleaning.

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