Attorney: Moser was placed on leave after allegations



By Trudy Balcom

RAWLINS — An attorney for Carbon County School District No.1 says that a man who allegedly sexually abused students at Rawlins Middle School was not allowed to return to the classroom after Carbon County deputies interviewed him.

Jonathon Moser, 34, of Glenrock, has been charged in Carbon County with first-degree sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with a student during detention. He is also facing three charges of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor for allegedly fondling a student multiple times.

He faces similar charges in Converse County.

According to an email received by the Daily Times Wednesday from CCDS1 attorney John Kuker, “Mr. Moser was immediately placed on administrative leave when Carbon County deputies interviewed him in February 2015, and he was never again allowed in the classroom at CCSD1 from that point forward.”

Moser taught special education and was assistant coach for middle school girls volleyball during the 2014-2015 school year.

Kuker said he was speaking on behalf of the school district and Human Resources Director Debra Gaines.

An affidavit filed in February 2015 with the Carbon County Circuit Court does not indicate deputies spoke with Moser — it shows that a deputy interviewed alleged victims on Feb. 24.

A copy of the initial contract teacher agreement signed by Moser and CCSD1 school board chairman Mike Mann and Trustee Denise Pfeffer on June 11, 2014 states:

“If the teacher is dismissed or resigns for any reason whatsoever, during the term of this agreement, the teacher shall receive compensation in the same ratio to the yearly salary as the number of days actively taught to the actual 210 days of service, so long as the Teacher is a holder of…certificates or permits issued by the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board.”

Moser’s contract with CCSD1 ended on May 4, 2015. He signed a contract with Converse County School District No. 2 three days prior on May 1.

Moser is currently out on bond. He is scheduled to appear in court in Converse County on May 4.

His trial in Carbon County is scheduled for July 19.

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