Sentencing ends 2014 Saratoga attempted murder case



By Trudy Balcom

RAWLINS — A man who was shot and wounded by a Saratoga police officer after a family domestic disturbance turned violent was sentenced Tuesday after a long journey through the legal system.

Ryan Simmons was sentenced to two to four years in prison relating to a April, 2014 incident in which he held a knife to his mother’s throat and pushed his father to the floor.

Saratoga Police officer George Phillips responded to the report of a domestic, and shot Simmons twice in the chest after Simmons refused to drop a 10-inch survival knife and moved towards Phillips.

Simmons was initially charged with three counts of attempted second-degree murder for his mother, Becky Simmons, his father, Richard Simmons and for Officer George Phillips. He was also charged with three counts of aggravated assault and battery and felony interference with a peace officer.

A motion for a psychological evaluation at Wyoming State Hospital was filed in the case in March of 2015. An evaluation of Simmons’ competency to stand trial was filed on July 23.

A trial was scheduled for Oct. 27, but Simmons pleaded no contest on Nov. 13 to the charge of felony interference with a peace officer.

“This was obviously a tough case,” Public Defender John DeLeon told Judge Wade Waldrip on Tuesday. Simmons’ family was also in attendance.

“The quality of his emotions…show that he has grown through this process,” DeLeon said.

Speaking quietly, Simmons apologized to the court for his actions.

Simmons received credit for 766 days served, and was ordered to pay $1,840 in public defender fees and $610 in medical costs.

The court ordered intensive drug and alcohol treatment.

“This court firmly believes you must complete treatment,” Waldrip said.

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