Waiting game continues in Martinez death investigation



By Trudy Balcom


RAWLINS — Nearly eight months after police received a 911 call from the County Six Bar at 12:29 a.m. on Nov. 4, there is still no conclusion to the investigation of the burning death of Denise King Martinez.

The final piece of evidence needed to complete the investigation, remnants of King’s burned clothing, has not yet been returned to the Rawlins Police Department from the Wyoming State Crime Lab in Cheyenne.

Police Chief Troy Palmer said that there is nothing his department can do but wait.

Because there is no suspect or pending court date, the crime lab has no deadline to complete its work and return the evidence, Palmer said.

“We have nobody in jail and no court date. Rawlins is just one city among many across the state. Our hands are tied,” Palmer said Thursday.

Coroner Paul Zamora announced early this year that his office was planning to conduct an inquest once the final evidence has been returned in the case.

The inquest, conducted as a public hearing, will task three jurors with the responsibility of reviewing the evidence and the investigation in the case and making a determination as to the manner of King’s death.

“It’s nobody’s fault there will be an inquest,” Palmer said.

“That was one of the most intensive investigations we’ve done. We turned over every rock, looked behind every bush,” Palmer said.

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