Former ‘gofer’ for alleged meth dealer accepts plea deal

By Trudy Balcom

RAWLINS — A young man who admitted to setting up meth deals for alleged meth kingpin, Bobbi Steinfeldt, accepted a plea bargain on Monday.

Tyler McDaniel, 19, of Rawlins, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine. McDaniel spoke at a change of plea hearing held Monday at Carbon County District Court.

In the courtroom, McDaniel admitted to Judge Wade Waldrip that “I would have received more than three grams of meth to deliver to make a little bit of money,” confirming his participation in a conspiracy as charged.

An affidavit dated Feb. 5 documents an interview McDaniel had with Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Agent Nicholas Bisceglia in Oct. 2015.

In the interview, McDaniel told Bisceglia that he would help Steinfeldt out around her house, and assist with meth deliveries and sales in exchange for methamphetamine for his habit.

“Just hustling, doing yard work, doing work for her. I clean her house; I do anything and everything just to help her out,” McDaniel told the agent.

McDaniel said that Steinfeldt used him to deliver methamphetamine “as much as she can,” according to the affidavit.

“I can set up buys, I can go with her. I can do everything,” McDaniel said, noting that Steinfeldt trusted him.

According to a plea letter dated April 26, in exchange for his plea of guilty to conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine, additional charges including felony possession, possession with intent to deliver and delivery — all related to methamphetamine, would be dropped.

McDaniel also agreed to testify against Steinfeldt at her trial, scheduled for October 18.

The plea bargain also specified that McDaniel could receive two years supervised probation instead of two to five years in prison.

Waldrip warned McDaniel that the court is not bound by the terms of the plea agreement, and he could receive up to seven years in prison.

A sentencing hearing in the case will be scheduled within 90 days.

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