BREAKING: RPD says ‘no credible threats’ to Carbon County

Daily Times Staff Report

RAWLINS — Local schools went into their lockout protocol procedures as a result of anonymous threats made against schools, state facilities and the Cheyenne Regional Airport.

According to an email from the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, Wyoming along with "several other states" received similar emails today.

"The Wyoming Office of Homeland Security has shared this email information with the appropriate authorities," the email stated. "If any information develops validating the threat, the appropriate parties will be immediately notified."

An announcement from the Rawlins Police Department at 2:29 p.m. stated "there are no credible threats to Carbon County at this time."

"Law enforcement officials are looking into the threats at this time," the announcement stated. 

Carbon County School District No. 1 Superintendent Fletcher Turcato said schools would be "following procedure" and going into lockdown. Turcato also said Rawlins Police Department officers were present in each of the District's buildings. It was not immediately clear how long the lockdown would last. Turcato said he would have no further comment until tomorrow.

In a phone message sent to parents, Turcato said "Carbon County schools were notified and placed on lockout protocol as precautionary measure for student and staff safety. No unnecessary school traffic will be allowed into facilities during school hours. All classes dismissals, bus routes and events will remain as scheduled. Activities and athletics after school will continue."

Carbon County School District No. 2 has also followed its lockout protocol.

CCSD2 Superintendent Jim Copeland said he, along with other superintendents across Wyoming, received an email from Wyoming School Safety Manager Bill Morse that had had information from WHS and "the actual threat (the state) received."

"His instruction was to disseminate that information to your school per your protocol," Copeland said.

Copeland said he contacted police to see if they had received the threat and for any advice. He also asked that local police go to school campuses in their respective towns.

Copeland said the lockout would continue for the remainder of the day. He said schools would dismiss at their normal times, along with buses. He also said tonight's sports games were still on schedule unless something were to come up.

Western Wyoming Community College, along with other community colleges around the state, cancelled classes for the remainder of the day as a result.

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