SINCLAIR — The body of a Missouri man recently discovered in Carbon County has been identified.

Authorities are saying Robert Wayne Kelley, 44, Springfield, Mo. had been missing since Aug. 16, before he was found dead in a drain culvert on Oct. 4, just six miles south of Sinclair on County Road 407.

That area is currently occupied by a wind charger job site. According to an anonymous tip, a worker at the site was the first to discover the body before notifying authorities.

On Thursday afternoon, Carbon County Coroner Paul Zamora confirmed with the Rawlins Times that Kelley’s dead body had been sitting in the culvert for as many as three weeks before its discovery.

“It could be longer,” Zamora said.

According to a Thursday morning Carbon County Sheriff’s Department press release, Kelley had “appeared” to have been “traveling on foot” all the way from Missouri.

“The Carbon County Coroner confirmed that the death was caused by exposure to the elements,” the release states. “No foul play was suspected.”

Zamora said that Kelley was found wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and that a subsequent medical examination revealed signs of hypothermia.

“People don’t realize how fast the weather changes here in Wyoming,” said Zamora, “especially here in Carbon County.”

Zamora said that external analyses and x-ray tests didn’t show any signs of physical trauma.

“We didn’t find anything,” he said.

Being Kelley was reported missing by Springfield authorities, Zamora said that it made it easier for investigators to pinpoint Kelley’s exact route using Google Maps.

And, according to Greene County, Mo. officials, Kelley was a registered sex offender.

Per his criminal record, Greene was arrested for trafficking child pornography in 2003. He was then convicted on the charge the following year.

Kelley was released from confinement and placed on parole in 2015.

The Rawlins Times will provide further updates when additional information is available.

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