On the record

The names listed are people who have been arrested and are innocent until proven guilty. If your name has appeared in the blotter and you are not charged with the offense or are found not guilty, contact the Rawlins Times at 307-324-3411 and that information will be reprinted.

Carbon County Sheriff’s Office

May 27

Dylan Klein, 22, Rawlins, Domestic Battery, Property Destruction: Under $1000.

May 28

William Ambrose, 50, Rifle, CO, Holdover; Max Hensen, 28, Albion, ID, Holdover; Chasity Jacobs, 19, Casper, Holdover; Tycee Nielsen, 32, Casper, Sentenced Inmate; Timmy Sampley, 43, Rock Springs, Sentenced Inmate; Justin Vernon, 27, Homeless, SD, Holdover; Patrica Ridley, 28, Ogden, UT, Holdover.

May 29

Julian Cortez, 21, Boulder, CO, Sentenced Inmate; Kenneth Denny, 53, Rawlins, DUI: Alcohol = to > .08%; Stephanie Krob, 46, Rawlins, Probation/Parole Jail Sanction.

May 30

Andrew Engle, 34, Hanna, Warrant Arrest.

May 31

Joseph Jimenez, 49, Rawlins, No Auto Insurance: 2nd Offense, Driving While Lic. Suspended, 2nd Offense; Juan Oliveros Lopez, 31, Escondido, CA, Breach of Peace: Public Intoxication; Manuel Vielman, 37, Rock Springs, Stop Sign: Fail to Stop/Yield Row, No Seat Belts, SWUS – For 31-5-229 or 31-5-223.

June 1

Edward Jasko, 32, Bridgeville, IL, Careless Driving CDL: Commercial Driver W/ Alcohol in Sys; Wayne Schmidt, 38, Kimble, NE, Warrant Arrest.

June 2

Michael Christal, 45, Wimverley, TX, Open Container of Alcohol/Moving Vehicle, DUI: Alcohol 0.08% Or More, Stolen Property: Buying/Receiving/Poss Drivers License: Required, Failure to Display Valid Lic. Plt/Tab/PMT, No Auto Insurance, 1st Offense, No Seat Belt: Driver; Monique Rodriguez, 18, Rawlins, Breach of Peace: Public intoxication, Minor in Possession: 18-20 YOA; Bryan Hobbs, 27, Rawlins, Breach of Peace: Public Intoxication.

Rawlins Police Department

May 31

39 reports: 2 Alarm Bus; 4 Ow; 8 Ped; 17 Traffic Offense; 4 Animal; 1 Fraud; 1 Juv; 1 Run; 1 Civil; 1 Motorist.

June 1

No reports

June 2

42 reports: 1 Dist; 1 Intox Ped; 1 Ped; 23 Traffic Offense; 1 Stveh; 4 Animal; 1 Man; 1 Garb; 2 Ow; 1 Susp; 1 Th-Ser; 1 Shots; 1 Misc; 1 Burglary; 1 Noise; 1 Veh Comp.

June 3

23 reports: 1 Civil; 1 Reco; 2 Juv; 5 Traffic Offense; 2 Accident; 1 Misc; 1 911 Hangup; 1 Court; 1 Stand; 1 Larc; 3 Animal; 1 Door; 1 Susp; 1 MSG.

City of Rawlins

May 31 911 calls: 15; Arrests: 2

June 1 911 calls: 20; Arrests: 1

June 2 911 calls: 25; Arrests: 4

June 3 911 calls: 18; Arrests: 0

Rawlins Fire Department

May 31

3 incidents: E Cedar, Medical Assist, EMS; E Murray Street, Medical Assist, EMS; 16th Street, Medical Assist, EMS.

June 1 No Reports

June 2 No Reports

June 3 2 incidents:

Gun Club Rd., Extrication, Rescue, Other; Kilt Ln, Medical Assist, EMS.

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