What experience, qualifications and interests do you have that prepare you for this office?

Archie Roybal (D): I am running for Carbon County Sheriff because I truly believe in the office and the responsibilities that accompany this position. I enjoy the statutory challenges this position presents and helping the citizens of Carbon County. Through training and experience (29 years) I know every facet of the Sheriff’s Office from detention, to patrol, to being your current Sheriff of Carbon County. I have current knowledge of this position plus experience in budgeting and the ability to lead others. My qualifications include: administration classes, incident command classes, basic swat, DARE officer instructor training, Mounted Patrol training, NRA firearms instructor, Field Training Officer, and over 2,700 post certification hours to maintain my Professional Peace Officer’s Certification.

Walter Hagan (R): I have 27 years’ experience in law enforcement; 2 years in Bairoil, 15 years at the Rawlins Police Department and 10 years with the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office. I have also operated a small business in which I had to budget. I have held supervisory positions at the RPD and CCSO and taken first line supervision classes.

What are the top three challenges facing the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office and how would you address them?

Archie Roybal (D): One of the challenges facing the Sheriff’s Office is the ability to continue to hire qualified officers. The answer to this problem would be to continue to work with commissioners, grants, budgets to maintain wages, and training for the staff plus stressing the importance of having highly qualified personnel. The second concern would be livestock investigations. This issue would be addressed by combining efforts with the state and other counties to become more proactive in the ability to assist the producer in maintaining their product. The third concern would be school safety. I will address this by continuing to work with the school districts, educators, and County Commissioners to provide school resource officers for the schools in the county.

Walter Hagan (R): I believe that high visibility and patrolling will help maintain community policing and crime prevention. In addition, if I am elected it is my goal to equip all patrol vehicles with new equipment and make certain the jail is equipped with proper and updated equipment. I believe a proactive department will enable the sheriff’s deputies to make traffic stops countywide and to utilize the canine unit throughout the county to reduce drugs. It is my goal to make certain the deputies are properly trained in drug recognition as it relates to traffic stops and contacts.

Within its borders, Carbon County holds a large swath of land. What methods are best to ensure that the law is adequately enforced in every municipality and that every citizen is protected?

Archie Roybal (D): The method used to best ensure that law is adequately enforced for every citizen would be communication. Collaborating with other agencies such as Wyoming Highway patrol, Wyoming Game and Fish, Forest Service, Wyoming State Parks, BLM, DCI, local law enforcement within the municipalities, any State or Federal agencies, and the citizens of Carbon County is essential to serving such a vast area. It is the team approach that constitutes all of us working together for a successful end result.

Walter Hagan (R): I believe that deputies should be stationed in all areas in Carbon County. Currently there are at least eight deputies stationed in Rawlins, 3 in Baggs, 4 in Saratoga/Encampment and only one in Elk Mountain. I will do my best to distribute deputies more evenly throughout the county so all citizens of Carbon County are protected.

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