HANNA — Hanna Basin Historical Society looks to restore its town’s World War I monument this spring after assuming its management Monday evening.

Carbon County School District No. 2 approved the non-profit corporation’s request to assume the management of the monument since it is located on the property of the old Hanna Elementary School.

Former Hanna Museum Director Nancy Anderson said Tuesday the monument was dedicated July 4, 1920 to recognize the soldiers who served in World War I.

Hanna Basin Board President Diana Springsguth said the board currently is looking for a contractor to restore the monument, including its capsule, plaque and structure, and expects it to cost between $5,000-$6,000.

Hanna’s monument originally included a plaque with 114 names of area residents who had served; however, it was stolen in 2015 prior to the addition of the new Hanna Elementary. The plaque was recovered in a ditch near town by a town maintenance worker months after.

“At one time there was a time capsule put in it,” Spingsguth said. “It was put in a cigar box that was ruined and a lot of the stuff got ruined, but we still have a lot of stuff that will go back originally, but in a more secure container.”

The board has received a donation from a private donor to complete the project.

The board hopes to make the monument eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, at which point it would be protected and kept in its natural position.

The monument continues to be visited by residents who still have connections to past relatives who fought and also are visited by others traveling who have distant relatives who once served.

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