RAWLINS – In the latest in cutting-edge technology, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County unveiled its new GE 3D Mammography machine, which is lauded for its ability to earlier detect signs of breast cancer.

Representatives with General Electric, hospital staff, Rawlins Chamber of Commerce and MHCC Board of Trustees gathered on Wednesday inside the hospital to usher in the new piece of machinery with a ceremonial ribbon cutting.

Kathryn Ferrera, a clinical applications specialist with GE mammography, provided a brief but detailed background on what the new Senographe Pristina Mammography System is truly capable of.

“She is custom designed by women, for women, all engineered from France,” she said. “So, what’s nice about the new unit is, she has a thinner bucky, so it’s easier for women to get underneath. The edges are now rounded; there’s no more square corners that are going to poke you under the armpit, jab you into the side. Everything is nice and smooth, nice and even.”

Ferrera went on to say that the paddles themselves flex, so as patients are being compressed, the paddle is going to give; however, it flexes up.

“We like to think now as compression being in a partnership with the patient and the technologist,” she said.

Also, using what’s called a “Dueta,” patients will be handed the component so as the process conforms to their own comfort level. And, said Ferrera, “The better the compression, the better the picture.”

“It gives the technologist nice, clear pictures to send to the radiologist for their diagnostic interpretation,” said Ferrera.

The Pristina provides both two- and three-dimensional images. These additional projections can provide critical, additional information for healthcare professionals when pinpointing sings of cancer in otherwise uninterpretable layers of tissue.

Additionally, the machine’s new design allows patients better positioning for oblique pictures so as it’s “ergonomically easier” during the process.

And, says Ferrea, everything is a simple touch of a button.

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