Dance the night away

Family members enjoy a Life Skills Wyoming celebration in 2018 in Rock Springs. The staff plans to host a dance Friday evening in Rawlins and inform the community of its program.

RAWLINS — Carbon County residents will have the opportunity to learn what an incoming special needs program plans to offer while dancing the night away.

Staff from Life Skills Wyoming, a Rock springs-based community rehab provider for people with disabilities, will host an information fair and dance Friday in Rawlins.

LSW Executive Director Logan Meeks said the program is searching for an office location in Rawlins and plans for it to be operational in the next 60 days.

“We provide life coaching for individuals with disabilities,” Meeks said. “We can help with everything from getting Social Security to accessing Medicaid.”

Meeks said the staff also helps individuals with financial management, how to get car loans and life skills like cleaning and cooking.

“Most of the people maybe aren’t able to drive,” Meeks said. “We have a select few who we have helped get driver’s licenses and GEDs, but for the large majority they pretty much rely on us to access the community.”

The program offers services for a wide spectrum of disabilities including autism, and seizure and spectrum disorders, among others.

“There are some rare disabilities that are not specifically named that we can get people qualified,” he said. “We really encourage people to come out and speak with us. If we can get you help, we will certainly sign you up that night.”

Meeks said the program plans to partner with services such as Vocational Rehabilitation to ensure residents receive all the services they have available.

“Vocational Rehabilitation is a great resource, but we are more long-term,” Logan said. “We can support youth from the age of four to the age of 74.”

Additional programs LSW staff works with includes Head Start and Special Olympics.

“People that come out will also get to meet with people who are from Rawlins High School, Rawlins Special Olympics and a multitude of places that have RSVP to talk about the services that are available for the individuals in Carbon County,” Meeks said. “Sometimes people just have no idea that these things are already available for them in the community or know where to go.”

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