The pursuit of God has taken many people many places. I honestly believe that if someone seeks the truth, they will find it. If they keep focused, and don’t get distracted, they will get there. We were all created with deep need for connection with our Creator, yet sometimes things distract us as we pursue God.

One thing that often happens, is that we pursue our own best interests, instead of trying to get to know the true Creator. As we seek the Creator, we have to weigh what we find along the way to help prove whether or not our findings are truth. We can’t just run around “looking” for truth but only taking the parts and pieces that are convenient for us.

I have done this before, and it makes me feel good for a while, but overtime I really end up missing the connection with God that i truly long for. I have to take the truth regardless of whether or not I like what i find. This is the only way to find God. (The good news is He’s drawing close to you too.)

On your journey, you will be scooping up lots of info. Each time you encounter something else, weigh it for truth v. convenience. Let it soak in your mind for a few days before you come to a “snap judgment.” Mull it over. Ask someone’s opinion. Ask the opinion of several people and always land on truth whether you like it or not, and that desire to know the real God will start to be satisfied.

On your journey, you might find someone claiming to believe in God who does not show the fruit of God in their life. Weigh this fact. Convenience says, “Their hypocrisy means that their God isn’t real!” Truth says, “The hypocrite is bad, but logically this doesn’t destroy the existence of the God they claim to love.”

On your journey you might find a contradiction. One such contradiction is the idea that God loves and judges at the same time. Weigh that idea. Convenience says, “Well God must not be real, since his nature is obviously contradictory.” Truth says, “All loving fathers must judge and fight to protect their kids.”

The most important thing to remember is that if there is a God out there who created you, then why wouldn’t He want a relationship with you? If He created you, then you obviously have a reason for living, a purpose, a destiny. As you seek truth, call out to Him. He answered me. He will answer you too.

I promise.

Reed Holmes is the pastor of The Fort Youth Group and Harvest Time Fellowship.

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