CARBON COUNTY – “The structure that had the greatest value (lost in the Pedro Mountain Fire) had a market value of $243,762.00. This would not include the automobiles and recreational vehicles that were (also) lost (on that property),” according to the Carbon County Fire Warden John Rutherford.

“All of the structures” listed as lost in the government fire incident reports for the Pedro Mountain Fire were on the eastern portion of the fire along the Pedro Mountain road,” said Rutherford.

Although 90 structures were listed as threatened during this 14-day fire, the actual losses were kept to seven.

Those losses include:

n “One site lost a home with a detached garage. This site also lost five vehicles, a recreational vehicle and a small camper.”

n At another site “a mobile home with a semi-trailer used for storage” was lost. “A small camper on the land owned by this individual was also lost.”

n “A third site lost a detached garage.”

n “The fourth site lost a fifth wheel mobile home and several trailers.”

The value of the other lost structures and vehicles plus their contents have not been determined at this time, said Rutherford.

Pedro Mountain Fire evacuation order lifted

CARBON COUNTY – The Evacuation order for the Pedro Mountain Estates, the Pedro Mountain Ranch Road, the Cardwell Ranch and the road closures in the Pedro Mountain Fire area were lifted on Wednesday afternoon.

The lightning-caused fire, which has been burning since Aug. 24, is now 88% contained.

It has consumed some 23,408 acres in the Pedro Mountain area east of the Pathfinder Reservoir, southwest of Alcova and north of Leo.

With “minimal fire behavior of smoldering in the duff and around stump holes, the fire is now sufficiently contained to transfer command back to a local Type 4 Incident Management Team in the Rawlins BLM office, on Friday September 6, at 7 a.m.,” according to the fire incident information report from Sept. 4. “Approximately a dozen fire personnel from the previous Type 3 Incident Management Team, (that took over the fire on August 26th) will remain here and assist with the transition until next week.”

Thursday’s operations still involve:

n 130 total personnel down from a high of some 430 people

n 1 Hotshot Crew down from 5

n 1 Type 2 Initial Attack Crew

n 9 Fire Engines down from 35

n 2 Water Tenders down from 6

n 1 Dozer down from 5

n 1 Aerial Resource down from 12

The cost to date of this 14-day fire is $6,599,116.00.

No anticipated containment date was listed in this Set. 5 final daily incident report.

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