Dennis Jones Local columnist

Dennis Jones

Local columnist

We are well into our high season, the time when we remember that we have grass that needs mowing. That brief interlude when the snow shovels get a rest, and we walk by the snow melt with barely a thought. The season when the water bill causes chest pains rather than the heat bill. But it is indeed a fleeting season, and one we must hasten to enjoy.

Summertime, a time when the neighbors and your family all go on vacation, and you find yourself “volunteered” to watch 17 dogs, water 8 lawns and hoe 7 gardens. You do get to steal fresh produce, at least what isn’t massacred by hail, grasshoppers and our omnipresent deer herd. All the helping actually feels good, at least for the first fifteen or twenty minutes. That’s when you realize that walking five different family’s dogs all at once may not have been your smartest move, since you aren’t real sure what dogs go to which houses. Just have to hope the owners forget, too.

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