The names listed are people who have been arrested and are innocent until proven guilty. If your name has appeared in the blotter and you are not charged with the offense or are found not guilty, contact the Daily Times at 307-324-3411 and that information will be printed.


May 18

Dunblane Street, Rawlins, medical assist.

Activity Code for Data Range with Personnel: 2 closed cases, 2 new cases, 1 weed case, 1 abandon complaint, 1 follow-up, 1 assist other agency.

May 19

East Walnut, Rawlins, public service assistance.

West Buffalo, Rawlins, medical assist.

May 20

7th Street, Rawlins, medical assist.

West Pine, Rawlins, medical assist.

15th Street, Rawlins, assist valid.


No reports.


May 18

30 total calls: 8 911 calls, 1 arrest, 7 traffic offenses, 1 accident, 5 animals, 1 dead animal, 1 assist, 2 park, 2 civil, 1 trespass, 1 alarm bus.

May 19

17 total calls: 11 911 calls, 5 traffic offenses, 1 civil, 1 trespass, 1 animal.

May 20

19 total calls: 6 911 calls, 0 arrests, 8 traffic offenses, 1 welfare, 1 trespass, 1 accident, 1 dead animal.


May 18

Stephanie Krob, 45, of Rawlins, DRUGS: SCH I, II amount more than in par ci, DRUGS: manufactured/deliver meth/narcotics I/II, DRUGS: manufactured/deliver meth/narcotics I/II.

May 19

Derek Zimmer, 32, of Laramie, DUI: 18 or older with child passenger – 1st offense, CHILD: endangerment – 1st offense.

May 20

Teresa Drummond, 32 of Rawlins, Sentenced Inmate.

May 21

Dylan O’Neal, 20, of Casper, Warrant Arrest.

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