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RAWLINS – A Saratoga man caught earlier this year with nearly a quarter pound of crystal methamphetamine was last week convicted by a district court judge of three felony counts.

Ryan Scott Simmons, 30, could spend up to 47 years in prison and pay upwards of $65,000 in court-related fines.

He was found guilty of one count of felony possession of methamphetamine, including two respective felony counts of intent and conspiracy to deliver.

On Feb. 28, according to court records, Simmons, who was riding with 26-year-old driver Jessica Lyn Nadeau of Rawlins, was headed westbound on Interstate 80 near milepost 274 when they were pulled over by a Wyoming Highway Patrolman for having a cracked windshield.

While the routine traffic was being conducted, a drug-detection K-9 was deployed to perform a sniff test, which soon indicated a positive detection of narcotics.

Although Nadeau originally told authorities that “there should not be any controlled substances in the vehicle,” once the K-9 alerted, she admitted that she had purchased about one gram of marijuana in Colorado.

Simmons, meanwhile, was seen by an assisting trooper reaching “under his seat while he was speaking to him,” according to the affidavit.

Contraband items found upon a subsequent search included two scales, various drug paraphernalia, a small amount of marijuana and and a plastic bag that contained approximately a quarter pound of what later tested positive for meth.

During a subsequent interview performed later that day by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, Nadeau admitted to authorities that “she had been a user of methamphetamine for years.”

She also said that Simmons had purchased the meth in Denver.

“She stated she and Mr. Simmons traveled in Mr. Simmons’ vehicle to Denver, Colorado to pick up a large amount of methamphetamine,” court records state. “Mr. Simmons picked up the methamphetamine at an unknown location in Denver, Colorado. Ms. Nadeau stated she knew Mr. Simmons was going to sell the methamphetamine to people in Rawlins, Carbon County, Wyoming.”

Simmons is also a repeat offender.

In 2016, Simmons struck a deal with the courts after he pleaded no contest to felony interference with a peace officer, which landed him between two and four years behind bars.

The deal stems from a disturbance incident in April 2014. Records show that Simmons survived after being shot twice by a Saratoga police officer after he was caught holding a knife to his mother’s throat.

A sentence hearing for Simmons’ most recent conviction has yet been scheduled.

All original charges against Nadeau have been dropped.

The Rawlins Times will provide further updates on Simmons as they unfold.

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