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Editor’s note: This is an overview of all major cases that were brought before Carbon County district court this past week. All suspects who haven’t made plea deals are innocent until proven guilty.

Man pulls gun during argument over mother’s urn

RAWLINS – A Montana man who allegedly pulled a 9mm pistol out on someone over an argument regarding his mother’s urn received a continuation on Tuesday in district court

Clyde G. Pryce, 70, was arrested on June 25 after the Rawlins Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call in the 1,000 block of 13th Street in Rawlins. He was charged with one count of felony aggravated assault and battery, which holds up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in court-related fines.

That day, Pryce, as well as other family members, including Scott Wolfe, the reporting party, had just come home from his mother’s funeral, according to court records.

Following his arrest, Pryce told responding authorities that, during the service, Wolfe had placed cigarettes and matches inside his mother’s urn, an action what was later described to be a “symbolic gesture.”

Wolfe later told authorities that his grandmother used to smoke cigarettes and always lit them using matches.

“(Pryce) believed that Mr. Wolfe was being disrespectful and an argument ensued,” the affidavit states. “During the argument, Mr. Wolfe and (Pryce) became very heated to the point that Mr. Wolfe challenged (Pryce) to come out back to settle the argument.”

In response, Pryce had allegedly “retrieved a Browning high-power 9mm pistol from the bedroom.” He then allegedly began to threaten to kill Wolfe, according to court records.

“Mildred Vandais, Mr. Wolfe’s mother, saw the gun in (Pryce’s) hand and, believing that he was going to kill Mr. Wolfe, got her own handgun and threatened its use on (Pryce).”

When the family eventually got back inside the residence, a wrestling match ensued over the gun. Wolfe, meanwhile, “ran out of the residence and called the police.”

Wolfe also later told authorities the hammer of Pryce’s gun clicked “at least three times” as he tried to avoid getting shot.

While incarcerated, Pryce told authorities that he was aware the gun wasn’t loaded at the time of the occurrence and that he “did not intentionally point the gun” at Wolfe, but the gun “the gun may have been pointed” in Wolfe’s general direction.

Pryce’s next arraignment is being rescheduled.

Encampment resident threatens to kill two people

ENCAMPMENT – An Encampment man who allegedly threatened two kill two people while visibly wielding a pistol pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in district court to various criminal charges.

On July 27, Shawn Thomas Frink, 41, was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault and battery after authorities responded to report of a disturbance occurring in the 500 block of Pierce Avenue.

According to court records, the caller, later identified as Taylor Sipe, advised there to be a white male on his porch threatening him with a black pistol and that the individual wanted to fight over a female neighbor.

Upon arrival, Encampment Police Chief Grayling Wachsmuth found Sipe and Frink arguing. Wachsmuth soon took possession of Frink’s Glock 9mm pistol from his waist band and took him home.

During this time, Frink told Wachsmuth that Sipe, along with fellow Encampment resident Matt Roberts, was harassing and screwing over Shelby Hiser, Roberts’ girlfriend, and that “he was going to kill both of them” because that’s his best friend.

When Roberts was questioned by authorities, he said Frink had first showed up to his house earlier that day and told him that he was going to go over to Sipe’s house to kill him.

“Mr. Roberts said that he had observed (Frink) pull a pistol from his waist band, throwing the holster and pointing the gun at Mr. Sipe,” the affidavit states.

According to court records, after Wachsmuth took Frink back to his house, dispatch received another call – this time from Roberts. Roberts advised that Frink was “back at his residence trying to fight him and causing a disturbance.”

Upon arrival, authorities soon arrested Frink.

A subsequent interview with Sipe later revealed that Frink had allegedly knocked on his door and told him to leave Hiser alone and not talk to her. Sipe also said that he told Frink that was fine and to leave his property.

At this point, said Sipe, Frink had left in his ATV only to come back to Sipe’s residence with a holstered pistol in his hand. Frink then allegedly was gripping the pistol tightly and waving it around after he had thrown the holster on the ground.

While in custody, Frink told authorities that “Ms. Hiser is his best friend and he does not like her boyfriend or her neighbor and that he wanted to kill them both because they are pieces of s–.”

Frink was also charged with misdemeanor reckless endangering and breach of peace. If convicted, on all charges, he could do more than 11 years in prison while potentially paying more than $10,000 in fines.

A jury trial for Frink will be scheduled within 90 days from Tuesday.

Drunk driver collides with street light

RAWLINS – Around 2:22 a.m. on July 21, officers with the Rawlins Police Department were purchasing goods at a local gas station when then heard a loud bang outside. When they looked in the parking lot, they saw a pickup truck with a missing tire, spewing sparks out as it drove away.

This eventually led to the arrest of the pickup driver – a Utah man who authorities later discovered to have allegedly collided with a nearby street light while driving drunk.

On Tuesday, Marty Allen, 36, pleaded not guilty in district court to felony property destruction, driving under the influence of alcohol and other traffic-related charges, including leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.

According to court records, Allen was heading east on W. Spruce Street when he had veered off the roadway and onto the sidewalk.

“(Allen’s) front passenger tire struck a large step of a residence, went up and over the step, and then the front passenger corner of (Allen’s) truck collided with a Rocky Mountain Power pole/street light,” the affidavit states. “The truck continued through the pole, bouncing off the pole, and continuing through the parking lot of Loaf and Jug.”

When officers gave chase, Allen was later arrested in a nearby apartment complex, as he tried alluding.

Upon alcohol breath test, which was later performed at Carbon County Detention Center, Allen was confirmed to have a .16 blood alcohol concentration.

According to court records, Rocky Mountain Power estimated $5,000 to $6,000 to replace the pole.

If convicted, Allen could serve more than 10 years in prison and incur more than $10,000 in fines.

His trial will be set within 90 days from Tuesday.

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