There were 275 guests who enjoyed a sit-down prime rib dinner prepared by Doug and Kathleen Campbell and the crew of the Wolf Hotel at the Saratoga’s Platte Valley Community Center annual fundraiser last Friday. Raised was $84,425 in total contributions.

SARATOGA – A good chunk of change was raised at the Saratoga Community Center Dinner on Friday night.

“A Night Under the Stars” raised $84,425 in total contributions to conclude in last week’s fall fundraiser.

“This is the biggest crowd we have ever had and they’re from all over the county,” said Joe Glode, PVCC board chairman.

There were both a live and silent auction. These two auctions raised almost $60,000 between them.

The additional money was raised with the sale of individual dinner tickets and whole tables, as well as other donations.

A total of 339 dinner tickets at $40 each were sold for this event, and 275 guests enjoyed a sit-down prime rib dinner prepared by Doug and Kathleen Campbell and the crew of the Wolf Hotel.

Tables could also be sponsored by individuals and companies. Thirty-four tables were sponsored at $500 each.

The silent auction had over 70 individual items on display in the Center’s glass foyer, for the gathered crowd to examine during the evening.

On display were a wide variety of donated items from art and jewelry to the more practical items. The practical items won the evening with a set of four tires from Shivley North going for $800 dollars and a bundle of 2x4s from the Saratoga Forest Management Sawmill going for $600.

In the live auction eight of the 36 donated items or services up for bid, went for over $1,000 each.

Two winning bids were for over $4,000.

The highest bid for any one item for the evening was from Erin Ramsey. She bid $4,750 for an original framed painting by Western artist and illustrator Charles George Copeland, from the 1880’s entitled Cowboys Shooting. This painting was donated by Bill Foxley.

Ms. Ramsey also won the bid for a leather bound first addition volume entitled “Frontier Spirit: Catalog of the Collection of the Museum of Western Art” by Bill Foxley, for $1,600. The two bids together made Ms. Ramsey the night’s highest bidder at $6,350.

The second highest bidder for the evening at $4,500, came from Jim and Corrine Miller for a guided elk hunt on the TA Ranch for 2020.

Burt and Susan Kizer were the third highest bidders at $3,500 for the opportunity to be immortalized by having “your name or the name of someone you’d like, in a future CJ Box novel.”

So, whose name will it be, his or hers?

Reg Forster’s bid of $2,500 was next for a long-haired beaver skin, zip-front vest donated by Great Rocky Mountain Fire Company.

There were four other bids of over $1,000 but below $2,000. The balance of the thirty-six items came in at under $1,000 each.

A special fundraiser during the auction, called a “Paddle Raise,” brought in $18,400 specifically for landscaping around the outside of the Community Center and some update work in the Center’s kitchen. Bidders simply raised their paddles as each dollar amount was called at donations of $2,500, $1,000, $500, $250 and $100 each. Two bidders donated $2,500 and four more donated $1,000 each.

The prime rib dinner was served by 12 members of the Saratoga Panthers Boys Basketball Team. This effort gives them an opportunity to raise some money for their away game expenses. The PVCC Board will make a decision at their next board meeting as to how much will be donated to the team for their efforts at the dinner, according to Executive Director of the PVCC Joe Elder.

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