SARATOGA – Investigators are saying a Hanna man brought along a small child during alleged meth deal.

On June 6, a confidential informant was used to facilitate the purchase of an ounce of meth from Andrew James Engle, 34, in the parking lot of a Saratoga retail store.

According to court records, the informant told authorities that Engle had allegedly asked if he or she “needed anything” when the two bumped into each other on June 5 at a Saratoga gas station.

“The CI was surprised by Engle’s question, because Engle had ‘been out of the game’ for the past two years,” the record states. “The CI asked Engle why he was starting to sell methamphetamine again. Engle told the CI that he had recently lost his job and need to sell methamphetamine to pay his bills.”

The next day, the informant met with Engle and his girlfriend Kelly Jo Sachtjen, 30, also of Hanna, around 11 a.m. Once the informant walked to the driver’s side door of Engle’s blue 2005 Chevy Tahoe, Engle was heard complaining about the child, who was reported to be sitting in the back seat.

“This f–ing baby is driving me nuts,” Engle was quoted saying in the affidavit.

Soon, Sachtjen removed the child momentarily from the vehicle. Meanwhile, Engle, in exchange for a reported $900, handed the informant a Cheetos bag, which concealed 30.4 grams of meth, package weight included.

After, Sachtjen came back to the vehicle with the baby and they drove off once Engle and the informant were done talking.

Engle and Sachtjen were apparently arrested at a later date.

On Tuesday, Engle pleaded not guilty to one count of felony possession of meth, one count of delivery of a controlled substance, one count of second or subsequent mandatory minimum penalty and one count of child endangerment – meth.

Sachtjen was charged with child endangerment – meth.

If convicted, Engle faces as many as 37 years in prison as well as $45,000 in fines.

Trial for Engle will be set within 180 days.

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