RAWLINS – Scott Hannum will remain Rawlins’ city manager after the Campbell County Fire Joint Powers Board selected a different candidate during their Wednesday board meeting.

According to the Gillette News Record, the board selected a candidate from Montana with more than 30 years of firefighting experience during their regular board meeting on Wednesday.

Hannum applied for the job after more than five years at the helm of Rawlins, and more than 31 years spent as a firefighter.

Why Hannum decided to apply for the job after half a decade away from the career is unknown, however, during his official inauguration as city manager in 2016 he emphatically stated his love for the profession.

“Fire service has been my life and my passion,” said Hannum in 2016.

All but the most recent three years of Hannum’s tenure with the city have been with the Fire Department. Hannum had even been Rawlins’ fire chief before officially ascending to the position of city manager in 2016.

Hannum had also spent two years as interim city manager beginning in 2014, as well as maintaining his position as Rawlins’ fire chief.

Hannum was one of 67 candidates to apply for Campbell County’s vacant fire chief position. He would eventually make it to the final cut along with two other candidates.

As a part of the final interview process, Hannum and the two candidates traveled to Gillette for in-person interviews with both the Joint Powers Board and the firefighters they would potentially command.

Though Hannum was passed over for the position, the Campbell County Fire Department has seen turnover at its highest fire department position, burning through three fire chiefs in less than 12 years with the last resigning under contested circumstances.

According to the Gillette News Record, the last chief was told by the Joint Powers Board and its lawyer to resign or be fired over failure to discipline firefighters for their social media activity. The Joint Powers Board denies the former chief’s statements, claiming to have no idea why the previous fire chief resigned, according to the Gillette News Record.

It remains unclear on whether Hannum will continue to pursue his passion of firefighting elsewhere.

Hannum could not be reached for comment.

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