RAWLINS – Discharging non-lethal bean bags, authorities on Wednesday night successfully disarmed a man wielding a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle during a short standoff at a local hotel.

Around 7:50 p.m., Rawlins Police Department officers responded to a report of an armed man entering the room of another patron at the Econo lodge hotel on E. Cedar Street, according to a RPD press release.

According to court records, once James D. Boling, 35, of Hudson, Wyo., allegedly entered into the room, he told the person inside, “Don’t move and don’t worry.”

From there, the reporting party told Officer Tom Gamblin, who answered the call, that Boling left his room and that he “didn’t know where the subject went.”

Gamblin would later find the suspect in room No. 266, where he attempted to speak with Bolin through the door.

The entire building would soon be evacuated by hotel staff.

Once the suspect was contained, the release states, a trained RPD negotiator began conducting negotiations.

“It was quickly determined that the suspect, who was identified by officers on scene and is known to be a convicted felon, was armed with a semi-automatic rifle in the room,” the release, written by Rawlins Police Chief Troy Palmer, states. “Officers on scene started negotiations with the suspect in an attempt to get him to surrender.”

Boling was convicted of Federal conspiracy to possess an unregistered destructive device in 2009, and escape from official detention in 2017, according to court records.

According to the report, the suspect pointed the rifle directly at officers on scene, both in the hallway and in the courtyard outside the window of the room, several times during the negotiations. He was also reported to be have been under the influence of alcohol.

“At approximately 8:41 p.m. the suspect exited the room and once again pointed the rifle at officers,” the release states. “After refusing to follow commands to drop his weapon, the suspect was shot with a less lethal bean bag round.

Before this happened, according to court records, the suspect was reported to have been saying, “Just shoot me.”

“Officer Gamblin was in the direct line of fire of the rifle while (the) defendant was pointing at officers in the interior hallway, challenging them to shoot him,” court records state.

After being shot with the bean bags by Sergeant Chris Gulbrandson, the man dropped his weapon and retreated to his room. Authorities, meanwhile, secured the weapon before they were able to arrest the man inside the room.

After being examined by medical personnel on scene, the suspect was taken to the Carbon County Jail.

According to Allen Dugen, who was staying at the hotel Wednesday night, the suspect, who was shirtless, had a visible wound on his body as he was being taken into custody.

“There were a ton of cops in the parking lot and they arrested him after about a half hour,” Dugen wrote in an email sent to the Rawlins Times office that night. “I didn’t see it but the guy next to me outside said he saw a huge bruise (presumably from a rubber bullet) on the guy’s side.”

Along with agents with the Rawlins Police Department – this also involved Lieutenants Daria and Rick Hooper, Sergeants Christopher Craig and Jared Frakes and Officers Chad Bracken and George Phillips – members of the Wyoming Highway Patrol and Carbon County Sheriff’s Department assisted during the incident.

“The professionalism, years of experience, the hundreds of hours of training these officers have received, and their calm demeanor ensured a safe resolution for all involved in this incident,” according to Palmer’s statement.

Boling has been charged with four felony counts of aggravated assault and battery, two counts of misdemeanor reckless endangering and one count of misdemeanor criminal trespass.

Boling was in Carbon County Circuit Court on Friday, where his bail was set at $75,000.

The Rawlins Times will provide further updates as they unfold.

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