Steven C. Dinero

Local columnist

By now most readers should have heard that last week, President Trump revealed his long-awaited peace proposal to once-and-for-all resolve the longstanding conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. The plan, dubbed the “Deal of the Century,” has received mixed reactions across the political spectrum. Some have come out saying that finally, the Israelis have accepted the creation of a Palestinian state on much of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and even parts of the Negev Desert bordering Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. This, they contend, is no small thing following decades of stalemate in the region, with little happening there other than war, terror and death on all sides.

And yet, I am here to tell you that this plan is D.O.A. – as in, dead on arrival. It will go nowhere, fast, and not, as some might argue, because of Arab intransigence. While that will likely be the excuse that will be perpetuated by Washington once this plan falls flat (only moments after it was proposed it was already being lambasted across the Middle East), the truth of the matter is that the Palestinians were never even included in the discussions leading up to the plan’s release. As a result, the outcome and reaction in the Arab World was all too predictable.

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