RAWLINS – A Rawlins man who allegedly stabbed his boss with a box-cutter over unpaid wages pleaded not guilty on Monday in district court.

Curtis Morgan, 48, is charged with one felony count of aggravated assault. He faces as many as 10 years in prison and up to $10,000 in court-related fines.

Morgan was arrested by the Rawlins Police Department on Sept. 14 following a disturbance call made from the Brickyard Inn motel in the 400 block of Rawlins.

According to court records, Morgan told authorities after his arrest that he confronted his boss, Gino Yenis, since he was owed $165 in back pay. Morgan further states that Yenis then pushed him and got him in a headlock.

“(Morgan) said that is when he had stabbed Mr. Yenis with his knife in the stomach,” the record states.

Yenis was subsequently taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, where he was treated for a stab-like wound to the lower left-hand side of his stomach.

An eyeball witness told authorities on scene that he knew prior to the altercation that Morgan was upset with Yenis for withholding Morgan’s pay. The witness also said he saw Morgan go speak with Yenis and that Yenis soon pushed Morgan, which led to a scuffle.

“(The witness) said that he tried to break them up and that was when he saw an open knife in (Morgan’s) hand,” the record states. “(The witness) said that he grabbed (Morgan’s) arm to try and stop him from doing anything with it.”

The witness also told authorities that he did not actually see Morgan stab Yenis.

Another witness told authorities that he too tried to revoke the knife from Morgan’s hand during the altercation.

After the incident, Yenis told authorities that Morgan “came up to him with the knife already drawn in his hand” when he began asking about the money.

“Mr. Yenis said that he had told (Morgan) that he does not have it right now,” the record states. “Mr. Yenis stated that he had pushed (Morgan) to get him away from him and (Morgan) stabbed him in the stomach. Mr. Yenis thought (Morgan) was trying to ‘gut’ him by the way he was swinging the knife towards him.”

Morgan’s trial will be set within 180 days.

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