RAWLINS — A Rawlins Police Department officer was allegedly forced to shoot a dog after feeling threatened by it while responding to a 911 call.

Responding to what the caller claimed to be an accident on Thursday at approximately 3:25 p.m. according to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, the unnamed RPD officer was bit in the leg by a pitbull while checking on the welfare of the residents of a home at 702 E. Daley St.

According to a RPD press release from the day of the event, the officer attempted to back away, but the dog “continued to pursue him in an aggressive manner and continued to attempt to bite the officer,” leading the officer to fire a fatal shot into the animal.

The dispatcher did not get a response during the initial call from the residency. The officer was dispatched due to the failure to respond.

The dispatcher was able to make contact with the caller, but by that time, the officer had already been en route and still wanted to check on the occupants.

After the officer knocked on the door, he was greeted by the “large” pitbull that he felt the need to shoot for his safety.

The officer was taken to Memorial Hospital of Carbon County and was treated for a bite puncture injury to his left calf. The bite victim did not suffer debilitating injuries and is expected to return to work his next scheduled shift.

The dog was taken to the Carbon County Veterinary Clinic to test for rabies after no current vaccination records could be found.

The Carbon County Sheriff’s Office and RPD are currently conducting separate investigations of the event.

RPD would not give any further comments.

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