RAWLINS – With a few bratwurst links sizzling on the grill and a cold beer in his grip, Aaron Seiloff wasn’t going to leave Washington Park until the cement fully dried.

No way was he going to allow anyone the foolish opportunity to vandalize or desecrate what was soon to be a memorial for his late friend, Nathan Worrell, who tragically lost his life three years ago in a car accident.

Ever since that fateful day, Seiloff, along with fellow “frolfers” who once called Worrell a good friend, wanted to do something special. And honoring their friend was a good idea to try and ease their pain.

“It’s been rough, man,” Seiloff said of losing Worrell. “He was a good buddy. He was a good bro of mine. We were pretty much brothers.”

Frisbee golf was a special a bond shared between Seiloff and Worrell. So Seiloff, Worrell’s father, Wayne, and fellow organizers of the upcoming third annual disc golf tournament in Rawlins spent Monday afternoon installing a new cement launch pad at hole 5 of Rawlins disc golf course.

Neatly engraved in the cement would be a tribute to Nathan Worrell.

“When (Nathan) died,” Seiloff said, “we were like, ‘We need to make this a memorial thing.’”

To get the idea to fruition, Seiloff, who bartends at Peppermill Bar & Grill in Rawlins, used a sponsorship from this local establishment, as well support from Rawlins Family Recreation Center, to gain enough funds to install the new pad.

But this effort isn’t necessarily isolated.

Seiloff said Worrell was the type of guy to “give you the shirt off his back.” So perhaps Seiloff wants to return this positive sentiment back to his community.

Seiloff hopes the new launch pad sets a precedent, and will pose as an auspicious beginning to making improvements at the disc golf course. Seiloff said that perhaps other local businesses and institutions can develop sponsorships, which could lead more pad installations.

“The whole course needs a launch pad,” Seiloff said. “This gives us eight more holes they can put a pad in.”

Until then, organizers get set to unveil Worrell’s memorial launch pad on Saturday, which will kick off the disc golf tourney, something Wayne Worrell commends.

“Everybody that participated in doing the concrete and showing up for his memorial, I appreciate it,” Wayne said. “It shows great friendship.”

Seiloff was then asked what Nathan Worrell may say about his memorial.

“‘Way to stop talking about it and be about it,’” Seiloff hypothetically quoted his late friend. “I think he’d be loving this.”

And to ensure his friend’s disc golf shrine would start Saturday’s tourney off untarnished, Seiloff said he’d remain at Washington Park until sundown.

Tourney details

The third annual disc golf tournament will be held Saturday at Washington Park, located in northwest Rawlins. Registration is at noon, while T off is slated for 1 p.m.

Food, prizes and beer will be made available.

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