CARBON COUNTY – A plan to allow evacuated residents near the Pedro Mountain Fire to return had not been finalized, according to Tuesday morning fire update.

The Pedro Mountain Fire has now consumed seven structures and 20,830 acres of public and private land since it started on Aug. 24.

This fire is now 37% contained.

The fire began with a lightning strike and remains in the mostly mountainous terrain of the Pedro Mountains of Carbon County. It is on the east side of the Pathfinder Reservoir and west of County Road 291 southwest of Alcova and north of Leo.

According to the government fire report website, “Operations will continue to center on structure protection. The fire is still (being allowed to) consume unburned islands (within the burned area) and is continuing to back down the drainages on the west side of the fire. All activity continues to occur within containment lines. Reduced fire activity is expected as the fire consumes available fuel.”

The size of the fire crew and the amount of equipment committed to this fire are being reduced.

n Personnel assigned to this fire has been reduced by 66 people to 364

n Hotshot Crews 5 with 2 Type two Initial Attack crews

n Fire engines are down to 27

n Water tenders are still at 6

n Dozers committed are now 3, down from 5

n Aerial resources committed are now at 5, down from 12

“The incident management team is making (the) appropriate adjustments to the number of crews and equipment on scene, (and) making some resources available to other fires throughout the region, while still retaining enough personnel to continue the successes on this fire,” the site reports.

This latest posting listed seven structures as lost with no details given. No information as to fire losses was available from the County Fire Warden by press time.

The estimated date for this fire to be out is now September 10th. The new estimated cost of this fire is now $5.6 million.

The report states, “Evacuations are still in place for the following areas: Pedro Mountain Estates, Pedro Mountain Ranch Road and (the) Cardwell Ranch.”

Natrona County Road 407 and Carbon County Road 291 through the fire area remains closed from its junction with NC Rd. 408 on the north end to Leo in the south.

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