New York-based folk singer Marc Berger, who gets set to play in Carbon County starting Thursday.

CARBON COUNTY – Once described as having a “raspy singing voice” that “complements the coarse twang guitar riffs and railroad drum snare lines as if the listener is touring through the ruggedly vast edges of Mother Nature’s Rocky Mountain furniture,” Marc Berger gets set to return to perform in Carbon County this week.

“I love the audiences there,” Berger told the Rawlins Times recently, speaking of coming back to Wyoming. “Every time I’ve played there it’s been really nice, it’s been very well received. And, of course, playing outdoors is very lovely in your state.”

Berger in slated to make appearances on the following days:

n Thursday, at the Par Tee at the Ranch event, Rochelle Ranch Golf Course, Rawlins, at 6 p.m.

n Friday, Platte Valley Community Center, Saratoga, 8 p.m.

n Saturday, Peppermill Bar and Grill, Rawlins, 7 p.m.

Last year, Merc Berger and the RIDE band performed at Music in the Park in Rawlins. There, their set was predominantly made up of tracks from RIDE, which is their most recent album.

According to Berger, RIDE, which was voted “Album of the Year” in 2012 by Nanobot Rock Reviews, an online variety review board that specializes in local and independent artists, melodically takes listeners on a visual journey.

Berger told the Times that he’s essentially been writing the album since he was 21, when he set off on a road trip to the American West from his home base in New York.

“The songs were written over a lifetime,” Berger told the Times last year. “It took years to make this record.”

Tracks from ride were, in fact, featured on Morning Joe, a morning talk show on MSNBC, earlier in August.

But, according to Berger, who over the past year has teamed up with Now Oreleans-based band Squirrel Nut Zippers, a famous jazz band formed in 1993, as well as Tony Garnier, current bassist for none other than Bob Dylan, he comes to Carbon County while in the middle of making a new album.

“There’s been a lot of progress made on the new album,” Berger said. “The title track has wah-wah guitar and a horn section. So, it’s a genre-bending, boundary-stretching look at that term. It rocks very hard, like harder than RIDE.”

But, for now, Berger, who’s been touring around the U.S., says he looks to keep it simple as he intends to get the local crowds jumping.

“There will be a lot of songs from RIDE,” Berger said. “Then a bunch of real kind of danceable, shake-your-booty, funky, rock and roll mashed together with songs from RIDE.”

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