The enjoyment of an Aquatic Center

RAWLINS — The Rawlins Aquatics Center may be taking up a lot of money from the proposed mill levy budget; however, the initial public interest demonstrates why the spending may be with reason.

Open a little less than a month to the public, Rawlins High School Swim Coach and Aquatic Center facilitator De Shann Schinkel said the public has started using the center in ways the old pool never allowed.

So far, Schinkel said each Saturday and Sunday the center has been booked with birthday parties throughout February. In addition, she said two of the weekends in March have already been booked as well.

“We had deck space and we had bleacher areas, but now with this wet-dry room we are able to offer that up and rent that out,” Schinkel said. “The leisure side is a huge attraction for birthday parties and parties just in general.”

The parties are expected to raise $605 a month and $7,260 during 2017-2018.

In addition, the students at Rawlins Elementary School and Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County have already seen a difference with the pool — having been able to take trips to the Center as groups because of the sloped zero entrance. Those incentive programs are expected to pick up $4,200 a month and $50,400 this year.

In total the staff is expecting roughly $106,374 in revenue this year and an expense of $408,626.24.

While the liabilities and operations of the pool will cause the District to lose revenue, Schinkel said the public would benefit from the center.

“Recreation never pays for itself 100 percent,” she said. “But it is that quality of life for our community that we are able to offer now in the facility and we did not have that leisure side before. That leisure side is amazing for our community of children and adults of all ages.”

Moving past the initial reaction of the community, Schinkel said she would like to see more senior and adult classes for those who never learned to swim or having therapeutic classes.

“We can tap into therapy classes, something we have not done in the past because our water temperatures were different depending on competition weeks with the teams,” Schinkel said. “With this facility, we can go tap into the corporations offering corporate memberships and recreation exercise to their employees.”

In addition, she suggested the staff has looked into possibly having movie nights at the pool, having student entry at $2 during teacher development days and using the center for canoeing.

That wasn’t possible before, with Schinkel saying “before it was just straight lanes, 25 yards they could ride the canoes.”

Schinkel said the staff has looked at possibly increasing the fees of the center from $3 to $5 for adults and $4 for students due to the Center’s added amenities. The Center will also offer weeklong passes during the Carbon County Fair to help with funding the pool.

Schinkel said the future could also possibly bring free youth Fridays the first Friday of each month and free family Sundays each second Sunday of the month.

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