Rawlins junior Katelyn Frakes swims during a home event against Campbell County on Sept. 13.

RAWLINS – Bit by bit, Outlaws swimming has shaved considerable seconds off individual and relay times as if it were going out of style.

Rawlins exclaimed this fact during last weekend’s meets.

Even though 4A Campbell County head coach Phil Regard, a former record holder and All-American Outlaws swimmer, was recently in town and perhaps played a bit more of his younger swimmers, Outlaws coach TJ Johnson still liked what he saw.

“It was great to have Regard and his daughters here on Friday,” said Johnosn. Regard’s daughters, Claire and Skye, are currently Camels varsity swimmers. “Obviously, some of the 4A schools was a huge challenge for us, and they were pretty kind to us.”

It all starts with freshman swimmer Devon Martinez, who’s come out of nowhere from junior varsity to compete quite well against older competitors.

Hosting Campbell County on Sept. 13, Martinez would go on to win the 100-yard backstroke event, notching a 1:16.35 final time. This sliced almost three seconds off her prior time of 1:19.22, which was gained during the Riverton Triple Dual earlier this month.

During the Lyman Invite the next day, which included almost double the number of swimmers, Martinez shaved even more time off her 100-yard backstroke as she claimed a fourth-place finish, at 1:16.29.

The time managed to beat out various high school sophomores, juniors and even one senior from Lyman.

“It was her best time of the season,” said of Martinez.

In addition to Martinez’s recent triumphs, Johnson highlighted last weekend’s quality finishes locked down by junior Alyssa Arnold and sophomore Amarion Walker.

According to Johnson, on Sept. 13, Arnold dropped seven seconds from her formerly best 200-yard freestyle time. She’d go on to win the event with a 2:29.21.

“She had a really good swim,” Johnson said of Arnold.

Almost replicating her success in the 200, Arnold also claimed second place in the 100-freestyle event, at 1:05.56. Despite silver, the time was just short of qualifying for state.

Meanwhile, Walker proved to be that day’s third Outlaws’ gold medalist.

In a pool of eight swimmers – one of the day’s largest events – Walker took top honors at a final time of 29.48.

On the diving end, junior Jordan Kelley shined. Gaining a first place in the 1-meter dive against Campbell County, her score of 149 bested Camels’ senior Maddison Warner by 18 points, which, said Johnson, “was awesome to see.”

Feeding off that momentum, Kelley also won the 1-meter dive event the next day in Lyman. With 138.55 final, she would score higher than four other competitors in the pool.

Finally, the 400-yard freestyle relay was lauded by Johnson as recently making significant time cuts.

Although Rawlins took third and fourth against Campbell County, their third-place team nailed down a season best 4:48.25. Walker, Martinez, Arnold and junior Emily Porter teamed together to come up with the bronze finish.

The next day in Lyman, coach Johnson gave sophomore Lillian Laird to nod to replace Porter in the first 400-yard freestyle relay. Again, with Walker, Martinez and Arnold, Laird helped them to a respectable sixth-place finish at 4:47.22

Ten other teams, including Rawlins’ second relay, competed in the pool.

“We had a really good weekend,” said Johnson. “We had tons of best times, personal times and season times.”

Full results:

Campbell County, Sept. 13

200-yard medley relay

3rd: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Bailey Steele, 2:29.54

200-yard freestyle

1st: Alyssa Arnold, 2:29.21

5th: Katelyn Frakes, 3:06.74

200-yard IM

3rd: Laird, 3:10.29

4th: Steele, 3:18.76

6th: Elena Chavez, 36.94

7th: Madison Turney, 53.79

1-meter dive

1st: Kelley, 149

100-yard fly

2nd: Laird, 1:28.81

3rd: Walker, 1:30.62

100-yard freestyle

2nd: Arnold, 1:05.56

4th: Martinez, 1:12.63

5th: Martha Javalera, 1:23.20

6th: Dyanie Matos, 1:23.20

7th: Chavez, 1:28.45

500-yard freestyle

3rd: Porter, 7:33.72

200-yard freestyle relay

3rd: Arnold, Walker, Steele, Porter

4th: Katelyn Frakes, Matos, Javalera, Chavez, 2:08.06

100-yard backstroke

1st: Martinez, 1:16.35

4th: Frakes, 1:34.29

5th: Turney, 2:06.76

100-yard breaststroke

3rd: Steele, 1:43.07

4th: Kelley, 1:44.41

400-yard freestyle

3rd: Walker, Martinez, Arnold, Porter, 4:48.25

4th: Laird, Chavez, Javalera, Frakes, 5:30.04

Team scores

1st: Campbell County, 110

2nd: Rawlins, 65

Lyman, Sept. 14

200-yard medley relay

6th: Martinez, Kelley, Laird, Javalera, 2:34.70

200-yard freestyle

12th: Porter, 2:50.88

14th: Frakes, 2:59.49

15th: Matos, 3:11.39

200-yard IM

6th: Arnold, 3:08.24

9th: Laird, 3:09.93

50-yard freestyle

6th: Walker, 29.33

19th: Javalera, 35.38

24th: Chavez, 38.39

27th: Dalynn Shellenberger, 38.39

28th: Turney, 53.31

1-meter dive

Kelley, 138.55

100-yard fly

5th: Walker, 1:33.64

100-yard freestyle

6th: Arnold, 1:07.06

17th: Matos, 1:20.61

18th: Javalera, 1:21.26

21st: Chavez, 1:26.14

26th: Shellenberger, 1:48.91

500-yard freestyle

10th: Porter, 7:56.48

200-yard freestyle relay

3rd: Arnold, Walker, Porter, Martinez, 2:02.44

10th: Frakes, Matos, Cavez, Javalera, 2:28.12

100-yard backstroke

4th: Martinez, 1:16.29

10th: Laird, 1:24.49

17th: Frakes, 1:36.18

18th: Turney, 2:06.41

100-yard breaststroke

11th: Kelley, 1:45.68

400-yard freestyle relay

6th: Walker, Martinez, Arnold, Laird, 4:47.22

11th: Porter, Frakes, Matos, Chavez, 5:40.61

Team scores

1st: Lyman, 403

5th: Rawlins, 160

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