Laurel Rogers, center, speaks to her mother after being arrested for suspected theft and drug possession on Thursday in Rawlins.

RAWLINS – A search warrant stemming from a shoplifting investigation led authorities to the discovery of a small amount of methamphetamine on Friday at a residence on the 200 block of E. Walnut St.

Christopher Barey, 32, and Laurel Rogers, 38, were suspected of stealing items from the Rawlins Walmart on Thursday afternoon, prompting store officials to notify authorities once the alleged shoplifters vacated the premises.

The RPD subsequently identified the two suspects by analyzing surveillance recordings, according to Lt. Richard Hooper of Rawlins Police Department.

The following day, RPD officers knocked on the door of where the suspects were staying, which was Rogers’ mother’s house. Once the door was answered, said Hooper, authorities were declined permission to search the house after asking for consent.

Subsequently, said Hooper, it didn’t take long for authorities to acquire a search warrant. Once obtained, Hooper said that not only were the stolen goods retrieved but that they discovered in the suspects’ bedroom drug paraphernalia and what looked like through their training a small amount of suspected methamphetamine.

Hooper did not specify what the entire collection of stolen goods were or the value; however, he did say some of it was “little stuff” and that included in the batch may have been “car speakers.”

Following the discovery of contraband, the suspects were taken to the Carbon County Detention Center. They were charged with theft and felony drug possession.

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