Local first responders help a motorcyclist who was involved in a one-vehicle accident on Tuesday in Rawlins. This accident took place less than two hours after another accident occurred at the same intersection – Third and Spruce streets.

RAWLINS – Within two hours of each other, two vehicular accidents occurred on Tuesday at the intersection of Spruce and Third streets.

According to the Rawlins Police Department, around 11 a.m. a pick-up truck was headed eastbound on Spruce Street when it started to slow down for an upcoming red light.

Once the truck made a proper stop at the light, the driver of a compact sport utility vehicle following the truck reached down for his phone. This caused the hood of his car to hit the back of the truck.

Authorities said the driver of the car was soon taken to the hospital, while the driver of the truck was OK. Injuries suffered by the driver of the car are unknown as of press time.

About a half hour after authorities secured and cleared the area, another vehicular accident took place at the exact same intersection.

This time, according to RPD, around 12:45 p.m. a motorcyclist traveling eastbound on Spruce Street skidded on the oil slick spot caused by the wrecked car in the first accident.

“It’s the same spot,” RPD Sgt. Chris Gulbrandson told the Rawlins Times on scene. “Two accidents.”

Once the motorcyclist slid on the oil spot, he spun out and landed on the road, said Gulbrandson.

Despite suffering an injury to his ankle – he was noticeably limping – the motorcyclist refused medical care.

His bike sustained minor damage.

Names of drivers haven yet been released.

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