RAWLINS – Forged driver’s licenses, fraudulent Social Security cards and other fake documents were confiscated from two Utah men following a routine traffic stop in June.

Ernest Uyimwen Enagbonro, 36, and Idahosa Emmanuel Aguebor, 29, were both charged with felony possession of forged writings, a violation that poses up to five years’ imprisonment and a $5,000 fine.

On June 26, the suspects were reported to have been speeding while traveling eastbound on Interstate 80 near milepost 214 when they were pulled over a Wyoming Highway patrolman.

According to court records, Aguebor, the driver, did not have a driver’s license in his possession when asked to produce it. The trooper then suspected the presence of illegal activity once both Aguebor and Enagbonro began providing “conflicting” and “incorrect information.”

A subsequent K-9 sniff test indicated a positive alert for illegal narcotics; however, no drugs were found.

Instead, once the trooper patted down Aguebor, he found two Utah driver’s licenses with the same personal information but different pictures.

Once the vehicle was towed to a Wyoming Department of Transportation facility in Rawlins, a more thorough search of the vehicle led to the discovery of more alleged fraudulent contraband.

According to court records, numerous documents were found within the vehicle that “appeared to be forged and/or fraudulent as the documents were misprinted, misaligned and there were duplicates of the same documents.”

“Numerous other ID cards, loadable money cards and social security cards” were then found in the trunk of the car.

Also found were “various passport photographs of unknown persons, photo quality paper with a printer and multiple laptop computers, multiple x-acto knives… numerous identifications and other documents not belonging to either Defendants.”

The affidavit states that both men were suspected to be involved in “operating a larger forging and/or fraud operation.”

Enagbonro told authorities during a subsequent interview that the passports located in the car were his children’s.

Two days following the arrest, a Department of Homeland Security agent confirmed the identity of at least eight forged identification documents within the vehicle.

Enagbonro pleaded not guilty to his charges on Monday in Carbon County District Court. Aguebor was not listed on this week’s court docket schedule.

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