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One of the dozens of benches built with funds from the Wyoming Community Gas profit redistribution stands on a sunny Friday afternoon.

RAWLINS – For the past 22 years, Wyoming Community Gas functioned as a nonprofit company that redistributes its profits among the communities it services and this year will be much the same, though with an additional $5,000.

Due to increasing profits, WCG voted to expand their donations to the communities to continue its redistribution efforts.

While this may seem impressive, it was the lowest distribution option voted on by the board overseeing the public company.

Despite the distribution being the lowest presented, the increased profits allowed for $160,000 to be spread among the cities of Wyoming.

For Rawlins, a $10,140 grant resulting from the increased profits is in the works with the requirement of undertaking a project to enhance the community as a whole.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, city clerk Marla Brown reported WCG’s footprint in Rawlins had been one of the top expanders during the previous year, contributing to the increased profits.

According to Brown, the more than $10,000 grant will be open for applications in October, though no project has yet been designated for this year’s funds.

“Get your thinking caps on and get with the city manager,” said Brown. “Any ideas you have (would be great).”

Brown did state that funds can be rolled over from year to year, should the city council want to tackle a project surpassing this year’s available funds.

Councilperson Linda Smith asked if the funds were specifically earmarked for construction projects, or if the city could donate the money to a worthy cause.

Brown responded that WCG prefers projects, as they can have a measured affect on the community, rather the murky assistance sometimes provided by donations.

“What Wyoming Community Gas wants is a project that can benefit the entire community,” said Brown.

Councilperson DeBari Martinez questioned the apparent lack of progress on several prior projects funded by the WCG grants.

“I’d like to see some completion on those projects before we start where we put the rest of this money,” said Martinez.

Brown stated several of the projects had lost the employees pushing for their completion, but that new managers had been appointed to finish them.

While a few projects have slipped completion, the majority have been finished and stand throughout the community.

From the speakers downtown, to dozens of benches scattered throughout the city, the community has seen numerous improvements resulting from the redistributed profits of Wyoming Community Gas.

Other items discussed or acted upon:

• The preliminary plat, separating Tully Park into thirds in preparation for the land swap with the Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, was approved.

• A bid of $1,906,902 by Viper Underground for water systems improvement was accepted by the city council.

• The city council reappointed Chris Iacovetto, Roger Epp, and Todd Canaday to the Shoot Ranges Advisory Board.

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