The Pedro Mountain fire as seen from the east side of Pathfinder Reservoir on Wednesday afternoon. Seen at the right edge of the frame is Pyrimid Peak.

CARBON COUNTY – The Pedro Mountain Fire, which started from a lightning strike on Aug. 24, continues to burn five to seven miles north and northwest of Leo, Wyo. on the east side of the Pathfinder Reservoir.

The fire area is around Pyramid Peak and to the north and east in the mountainous terrain and back from the reservoir’s edge.

The fire has now consumed 12,427 acres of mixed vegetation of timber, brush and short grass in steep and rocky terrain. That is an increase of 1,343 new acres burned.

Containment is now at 23%.

The estimated containment date is now Sept. 15, with the projected cost for this fire now at $3.1 million.

The main fire control camp is located along Natrona County Rd. 407 just north of the Carbon County line.

The total number of personnel deployed for this fire is now 358, up 34 people from previous postings. Six hot shot crews are now deployed.

The variety of equipment that is deployed is increasing.

• Fire engines, 35

• Water tenders, five

• Five dozers have now been added to the lineup.

• Total aerial resources of 12, with four helicopters, with at least one of these possibly being a double-bladed Chinook helicopter.

At least four structures have been reported lost to this fire, with no specifics available at press time from the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department or from the Carbon County fire chief.

Evacuations are still in place for… the Pedro Mountain Estates, Pedro Mountain Ranch Road and the Cardwell Ranch, according to recent reports.

Natrona County Rd. 407 and Carbon County Rd. 291 between Alcova and Leo remains closed at Leo on the south end and at the junction of NC roads 407 and 408 on the north end. Access to the Pathfinder Reservoir from the east side is restricted. No marinas on the west side of the reservoir are closed.

Access to public areas south of Leo by southern routes are still open.

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