Rawlins 7th-grade girls basketball undefeated this year

A Rawlins Middle School girls basketball player shoots a lay up in a game during the weekend against Lincoln Middle School (Green River) on Saturday.

RAWLINS — High school winter sports don’t begin until this weekend, but the younger athletes have been competing.

Rawlins Middle School seventh-grade girls basketball team has had an incredible season with it’s A team at 11-0 and B team playing above .500 at 4-3.

Head coach Kebra Kallstrom said the girls have been fun to coach as they push each other to get better every day.

“They encourage each other, support each other, and push each other to improve,” Kallstrom said. “I could tell this group has really put in a lot of time outside of the season.”

The teams have scored a combined 444 points with the A team scoring 322 of them. The team’s high came in a 49-30 victory over Encampment Middle School. The majority of teams’ points came from Britney Larson and Brooklyn Larson.

The Larsons combined for 186 points — 41.9 percent of the team’s total. Brooklyn Larson leads the team in points with 119 points, and Britney follows in second with 67. They are also first and second in steals with 35 and 26, respectively.

Morgan Lonn leads the team in rebounds with 32. She is followed closely by Kayli Phipps, who has 31. Phipps is also the team leader the in blocks (15). Ashley Hernandez’s 12 blocks are second on the team.

“Coach (Kayla) Goldy and I have really been lucky to work with such a great group of kids,” Kallstrom said. “Not only are they great athletes, but many of them are model students and people.”

The seventh graders in Rawlins have shown to have some rising stars and give high hopes to the program for the future Lady Outlaws.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these future Lady Outlaws,” Kallstrom said.

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