This is the aftermath of a vehicular collision that left two people daed, which occurred Tuesday morning on Wyoming Highway 287 near Muddy Gap.

MUDDY GAP — Charges have yet to be made following three-vehicle accident that left two out-of-state residents dead near Muddy Gap.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Lt. Tyler Chapman said Thursday the patrol responded about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday to the accident near the Muddy Gap stop sign on Wyoming highway 287, which involved a Ford Taurus, Lincoln SRV and semi-trailer truck.

The Ford Taurus was traveling southbound on Hwy 287, when it had stopped at a stop sign near Muddy Gap. At the same time, the semi was traveling northeast towards Wyoming Highway 220, and was preparing to take a left-hand turn onto Hwy. 287.

“For unknown reasons the Ford Taurus accelerated from the stop sign in an attempt to cross the highway, it appears,” Chapman said. “It was going to the Muddy Gap Gas station and was struck in the driver’s side by a southbound Lincoln SUV.”

The vehicles, upon impact, both rotated and at least one stuck the semi.

The two individuals in the Ford Taurus received fatal injuries. The driver of the Lincoln was flown from the scene to a nearby hospital due to injuries. The semi driver avoided any injury.

Chapman said he was unsure of the SUV driver’s residency, but added the semi driver was a Carbon County resident.

Chapman was unable to provide any of the names due to ongoing investigations.

Chapman said the accident backed up traffic but was quickly running normal following the clean up. He was unable to verify if the road had closed completely for any amount of time.

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