Rusty Rogers Local columnist

Rusty Rogers

Local columnist

That’s how it’s coming at us now, the shootings and the political cow crap that follows so quickly. Two within 24 hours from very disparate individuals. One of whom killed his own sister! As of this writing no motives are known. Motives can be helpful in guiding all of to the real causes of these things.

Every logical human being knows they are not caused by guns but that is exactly where the socialists went without noticeable delay. Gun violence, they call it… whatever that means. An angry wife in Vegas runs over her cheating husband 20 times with her SUV and we don’t call it truck violence nor do we blame the car. You know the rest of the examples.

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Gun violence/truck violence-complicated. Violence is oversimplified on both extremes of the political spectrum. There is no easy, 1 step answer. I own guns and a truck. I accept reasonable regulation of the truck. Trucks are not in the constitution and neither are AR15s. Let's start some conversation and not include those who think that compromise is a dirty word (NRA, etc)

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