Steven C. Dinero Local columnist

Steven C. Dinero

Local columnist

For about a year now, I’ve been doing some research about what was, at one time, a pretty significant Jewish community here in Carbon County. This topic arose out of personal interest initially. But over the months, I have come to see that like any social history, the study of this area’s Jewish immigrants is, in truth, simply a way of looking at the place in microcosm, providing me with a wealth of information about the evolution and development of the County as a whole over the last 150 years.

A prime example may be found in the case of Isadore Bolten, born with the name Israel Boloten in Mogeloff Province, Russia on March 28, 1885. He grew up in a peasant family in White Russia, where he experienced a difficult childhood. At the age of 18 months his father, an officer in the Czar’s army, sent him to live with an uncle after his mother passed away. He was given no formal education, though he did learn a trade – shoemaking.

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