Rusty Rogers Local columnist

Rusty Rogers

Local columnist

Odd as it may seem one of the skills I have improved since all of you fine folks let me into your lives is to listen. To everyone, I like to hear what people have to say and why they feel the way they do. I hope it helps keep me a little humble.

We Americans are sometimes called arrogant around the world (it doesn’t matter who’s in the white house so relax), and while that may indeed be true, in many cases I personally feel that most of us are just confident... very confident. Deserved or not we are; partly due to the fact that the United States is still a young country. Hey, us youngsters saved the civilized world twice in one century!

Two hundred forty three is not very old in this world. We deal daily with countries that are thousands of years old. As you grow older you develop wisdom and patience; countries are the same. Age and youth can both give you the arrogance of assumed superiority that generally proves to be false. The arrogance of both youth and age can shorten the vision of all. It can cause us to look at someone and see only the surface.

I find that happening a lot right now in our America. I hope that by reminding myself to look deeper perhaps others will be motivated in that direction. This tragedy (it is a tragedy) is causing our current president a good deal of trouble.

We all present a face to the public. The face we make public is quite rarely the one that is the internal. In fact, most have several faces. Depending on what you do in life or for your living you may have many. The one for your parents, one for your friends, one for your enemies, one for church and on and on. This doesn’t make you a bad person, just normal.

President Trump is a master negotiator and rarely presents a face that would allow his opposite or opponent to fully know what’s going on. I do not claim to know why he says and does the things he does but I spend a lot of time studying him and his actions and listening to his staffers.

His staffers say that in his meetings he is steady, calm and quite disarming. I would bet he can be very tough as well. The noise he makes is his public face, the tragedy is that many accept that as his true face. It is not. I would most likely not be able to tolerate Trump in a public venue but would enjoy his conversation in private.

Donald Trump loves the spotlight. He always has; he is a shock jock with out the cuss words. Behind all the noise he gets more done than any President in my lifetime, including Reagan. I don’t care if he moonlights as a party clown in full costume, he gets the job done. None of us like to be judged incorrectly, so why would we do that to our president? Trump’s bombastic bloviation hides a sharp intelligence, and an iron will and determination.

I am guilty of seeing only the veneer of Schumer and Pelosi; I am quite sure. Schumer wears those glasses low on his nose I suppose to try to look grandfatherly, to me he has always looked like someone you don’t want near the school ground. Obviously that is wrong (I hope). Truth is, I just can’t figure Schumer out. He’s been in Congress so long that it is unlikely that his motivation has anything to do with his constituents or America, completely self serving at this point.

Nancy Pelosi I believe is in serious health trouble. There are times when she truly does not know where she is. Her life goal was to be Speaker of the House and she has been in Congress so long that once she achieved that goal she didn’t know what to do. I see unsureness and confusion very often when she speaks.

I don’t wish her ill and truly hope she is not “losing it” but am very concerned.

These things I see are on the surface. Are they the truth? I don’t know, so I intend to try to find what the public persona hides and listen to the real people underneath.

I hope the Trump haters of the world will do the same. Those who don’t understand him and his noise, trust the man underneath and the remarkable results achieved in the face of such fierce resistance.

God grant that I may never, never be so small minded and vengeful as Mueller.

Rusty Rogers a Saratoga native and a lifetime conservative and Constitutional student.

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