John Owen  Torrington

John Owen


On Christmas Eve, I heard a knock at the door.

When I answered, four officers entered our home and said they had a warrant for John Owen, which they did not produce.

This was very confusing because I was out on bond for the same thing, which was burglary.

I was handcuffed and arrested.

Julie, my wife, asked Officer Thom Gamblin why it takes four officers to arrest one person.

Then, they took me outside and Officer Gamblin said, “You and your wife want to be smart asses, huh?”

The officer who had ahold of my handcuffed arms kept lifting my arms higher and jerking me around by my arms.

All of this upset me and I called them, “Real tough pieces of shit.”

“Rough me up while I’m handcuffed?” I told them.

When we got to the jailhouse, I noticed my wedding band was missing and asked where it was. The officer who transported me said he already looked in the car and said it wasn’t there.

My wife and my sister-in-law went outside our house and looked in the snow. And the next three months, every time the snow melted we’d be out there looking.

Finally, one day, four months later, I found it about 25 feet from where it had fallen off my hands.

It must’ve fallen due to the rough handling of the police officers as it was pulled off my finger.

Just another example of unnecessary brutality.

Now, for the serious side of things, I have been out of jail on a $40,000 bond for over six months.

My intentions were to take my case to trial, but I have been confronted, harassed and even assaulted by people from our community due to my neighbor, who is a Rawlins Police Officer – Chad Bracken.

It’s obvious he’s telling people about my case.

My family has been harassed by his fellow officers, shining spotlights on our home and windows. Bracken sits in his truck at home, watching our house.

When I contacted my attorney, I told him what the officer had done and what he is doing – how unethical, how unprofessional – and I’m sure it had to be illegal.

It’s unethical and unprofessional for an officer to disclose a case that is set for trial.

Another incident, on May 6, the Rawlins Police Department showed up full force at my house.

I was in the backyard, I saw the police and I started to run. I wanted to see my wife before they arrested me.

I was tased three times, and after the final tasing, down I went. Officer Chris Craig and his other arresting officers dragged me from where I fell when they tased me alongside the trailer and started mistreating me.

Both of them were pressing their knees into my back. The sergeant was twisting my arm until I felt things popping.

To justify what he was doing, he kept hollering, “Quit resisting!”

They were holding me down until their buddy, Officer Bracken, who was not on duty, could get there. In the corner of my eye I see Bracken running into the ally and jumped into the air and landed on my back with his knees.

He slammed me in the back of my head with his forearm or fist – I’m not sure. Then, I was taken to jail.

With that, I would like to apologize to the city and the community for breaking the law and violating your trust.

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