Rusty Rogers

Local columnist

I believe it may have been Blackstone that said, “When you violate the laws of a society you no longer are due the privileges and protections of that society.” I’ve always liked that. I’m sure it’s be why those who commit felonies quite sensibly lose their voting rights.

But it really doesn’t matter what kind of laws you have or how just they are; if they are not applied equally then you just have another Russia or China: nations where laws are rewritten according to the needs of the current party in power. It’s not supposed to be that way in America.

Pelosi and company, being the party in power, have brought that time-honored tradition to our beautiful shores. We finally have fair and open hearings on the impeachment of Trump. Of course, that means only Adam Schiff gets to approve witnesses. The Republicans can call them, but they just might not be allowed to testify.

Then there is also the answers. Schiff is allowed to stop a witness at any time, even in the middle of an answer, or if he just feels like it.

Then, in the interest of fairness and openness, the media will of course be barred. Only that information ordained to be permissible by Mr. Schiff will be publicized. Which begs the question: public hearings?

The method they have formulated for the impeachment of President Trump is of such high moral and ethical caliber that I’m sure once the Democrats have retaken the Senate and White House, they will ensure that all conservatives and other non-believers will be treated with the same level of fairness. That thought allows me to sleep well at night.

If you don’t believe that and stand up for it, then, well, you’re just not a good American! If you do believe it and vow to defend it, then, well, you have no idea what justice and fairness is, nor honesty and integrity, and you worry me to no end.

If you’re on the fence about it, also worrisome; take a couple of hours and read A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. When you’ve finished that, read Calvin Coolidge and Thomas Jefferson on the dangers of bureaucracy. Our founders considered it the single greatest threat to liberty.

We in our laziness and complacency have allowed our equally lazy elected officials to delegate their jobs and their constitutional authority to non-elected bureaucrats that also wrote employment laws that keep them from ever being fired or even really disciplined.

It’s these bureaucrats, along with elected deep staters, that are pushing this sorry excuse for an inquiry as well as being the majority of witnesses. We all know that the vast majority of state department employees are career bureaucrats, lifetime deep staters who firmly believe they are the ones who should be making foreign policies.

In Adam Schiff’s quest for unlawful usurpation of power, they have special rights. Indeed, if their first testimony is not what Schiff wanted, they can come back a week later with a “refreshed” memory and make old Adam happy.

That liberty-robbing bureaucracy is not limited in locale to Washington D.C., not by any means! Look around your own town, your county and state. How many people does it take to not properly manage the forest or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife? I’ll give you ten bucks if you can find that authority anywhere in the Constitution or the FBI, etc. I could list the entire alphabet soup of agencies.

I don’t begrudge anyone a job but let’s face it, 80% of what the government does is none of their business. For instance, what business is it of the government to educate our children?

Bureaucracy is like a virus, given the chance it will grow out of control and kill the host. As Obama’s AG and director of the CIA recently said in an interview, “Thank God for the deep state!”

I find it curious that they are going after Trump for a quid pro quo, which is an often-used diplomatic tool and which the DOJ has already stated did not happen. The president of Ukraine says it did not happen. Yet the one instance we all know of with absolute certainty, Joe Biden, is completely ignored. Goose and gander, you know?

Rusty Rogers a Saratoga native and a lifetime conservative and Constitutional student.

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