Thank you

Dear editor,

Would like to thank you for your honest, unbiased and uncorrupted article in the Times. Mr. Stilley and myself have not had a voice the entire time this incident. The article last July was obviously based on what information you could get from whomever and as a former law enforcement officer and soldier I understand that information can be limited and restricted even when it is unjust and unfair and unfounded. Mr. Stilley and myself have never had a chance to tell our side of the story and because of that we have suffered great losses. Mr. Stilley – he is an honorable discharge veteran and a civil servant for years with the US Postal Service and 75-year-old man living on his retirement. His entire world is his old RV and an old puppy dog – that is it. Myself – I am a 50-year-old man, mentally disabled my entire life and physically disabled and lost the leg because my physical disability 2 1/2 years ago. Mr. Stilley and myself have been threatened, ostracized, shunned from both the communities of Riverside, Encampment. I had to give up my own little cabin, my church, my vehicle, a pet... my entire life that I have established in Encampment. I went from a well-liked and respected member of the community in a short amount of time to what amounts to a member of ISIS. Mr. Stilley was harassed and threatened to the point of having to leave the state; myself having to move to Rawlins and uproot my entire life – the final straw being death threats received, which have been documented with the County Sheriff’s Office. Let me make clear: Mr. Stilley and myself, after shooting, stopped at the end of the road when we found out that someone had been possibly hit. We were completely compliant with the state patrol and showing them where we were at. We were completely compliant with the County Sheriff’s Office and more than willing to cooperate – that is something you will not see in the papers or in the reports. If Mr. Stilley and I had not stopped that day, the county investigation would’ve been a dead-end; instead we were arrested without evidence, jailed without evidence and both set a bond of $100,000 cash without evidence. The country that I served, the constitution that I served and the people that my family have served since 1776, we have always believed that a person was innocent until proven guilty, which is apparently not the case and Carbon County, Wyoming... people in both Riverside and Encampment have become judge, jury and executioner; to be fair, there has been some support but from very little and very few and many of them not openly supporting us in fear of retribution, loss of business, loss of neighbors, loss of friends, family. We have – and always – will except the consequences, we have never denied anything, we stated to all law enforcement officials that we would cooperate in any manner. This has fallen upon deaf ears both in the courtroom, the district attorney’s office and other agencies as well. Stated in your article both attorneys have not only proven but justified the charges do not fit, and there’s no such law as attempted involuntary manslaughter and that the state has not proven anything on the aggravated assault, which means that we recklessly, maliciously and intentionally went out that day at that great distance to cause great bodily harm or death. As Mr. Stilley’s attorney pointed out, everything they have done against us is unconstitutional and violates our constitutional rights; not only federally but within the state’s constitution itself. Cannot speak directly to Mr. Stilley as the former district attorney gagged us and prevented us from speaking as he felt even though this was not a conspiratorial case that we might conspire. Conspire on what?? Both our reports are a identical, both our statements are identical... we have never diverted from the truth, unlike the district attorney’s office in the state. Both are statements upon the investigation before we were arrested illegally. Mr. still and myself were separated and investigated by two separate Carbon County Sheriff’s deputies. Tell you what, in truth and honesty if you questioned all involved, deputies of the Carbon County Sheriff’s Department would all agree, either on or off record, that they all knew it was an accident and that we were extremely – and still – contrite. As you said in the article: no the district attorney has not given us a bullet from the victim’s leg, and with a month and a half away from trial. This smacks of a communistic and highly secretive form of law. There’s no other way of putting it.

Appreciate your time and efforts your concern and honest reporting and your unbiased reporting and your unfettered words.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Scott Drumm,


Caring for cats

Dear editor

I honestly don’t know where to begin and if anyone is omitted I am sorry. I broke down enroute home to Oregon with my cat. After calling 911 Deputy Cassidy arrived to my rescue. Words cannot describe the reassurance and caring she had for me that everything would be okay. She took myself and my cat to a hotel, and had another awesome woman Joyce there and waiting to help me. I cannot thank everyone I have met enough for their help, time, effort, to be sure I had what I needed to get back on the road to home. I will never forget any of you and will pass the kindness shown to me on through the rest of my life. Leaving brings tears to my eyes for the kindness you have shown. Thank you... each and every one of you. May GOD bless you all.

Cathie and Bandit Jones,

Haines, Ore.

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