Ray K. Erku

Times editor

Had Patrick Crusius – the 21-year-old misled youth who allegedly murdered 22 of his fellow countrymen on Aug. 3 in El Paso, Texas using a beautifully crafted, high-powered Avtomat Kalashnikova circa 1947 – just eaten a few delicious green chili-smothered Chimichangas and found himself a nice, receptacle Latina woman, maybe we wouldn’t be in this God-awful mess.

No way he would’ve allowed himself to senselessly execute innocent human beings as if they were lame cattle had he sat back, sipped on an ice-cold rocky margarita like a normal American, relaxed and gone off to do what people in their early 20s usually do best.

Instead, he must’ve stuck to a strict regimen of carp heads and stale bread.

And on Thursday, national media outlets reported that Mr. Crusius, shortly before mowing down children and adults raising money via back-to-school sale in front of Walmart, posted an evil and disconcerting manifesto on what’s called 8chan.

If you don’t know what 8chan is, let me impart my humbled description. This, my loyal readers, is an online chat group for deranged but anonymous people who arguably suffer from abject inferiority complexes and other various unseen psychological defects.

They bash gays, spread degrading sentiment toward various religions.

They attempt to dehumanize various cultures, amplify hate against whomever they see as “less.”

Then, when these people are done salivating over their own powwow of discrimination and utterly brainwashed delusions, they go out into the general public and spread their Public Service Announcements with bullets.

Honestly, I’m flabbergasted how ugly things have grown.

Is this going to be the defining element of the Millennial Generation?

On one end of the spectrum, there’s the politically correct police, overzealously trying to enforce every single dumb thing that comes out of my mouth (I’m not perfect). They hold meat-shaming rallies, decry oil industries while they drive cars and (cover your eyes) eat tofu bacon burgers.

On the other end, we see kids shooting up black churches in the Deep South, people dropping homosexuals inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, Fla. and Ku Klux Klan members ironically using Tiki torches to illuminate their night rallies. Tiki torches, of course, are a device originally developed in the non-Caucasian South Pacific.

And now this… some kid with an antipathy against Hispanics.

Now, a friend of mine recently posted a quote on Facebook that resonated with me. I paraphrase, “Instead of finding someone to blame, find a solution.”

In my mind, the second annual Latinofest in Rawlins, Wyoming, won’t solve everyone’s problems, but it’s certainly an occasion that wields the capability to alleviate some stress from this highly adverse world of ours.

Never have I been so at peace of mind after the accentuated juices rolled down my chin from biting into a homemade fajita. Never have I quenched such thirst on a savagely hot summer’s day at Seminoe Reservoir by sippin’ an ice-cold Estrella Jalisco.

Oh, and the sweet, sweet Latin sounds. That stuff reverberates through my soul like a purring kitten. It’s like nectar to the ears.

Already, this hoppin’ shindig, which is slated for 6 p.m. on Friday at Washington Park in Rawlins, has been gaining exponential momentum. Soon, organizers say, if all goes well, the event will turn into something of sharp distinction in the Cowboy State.

Cheyenne has Frontier Days. Casper has Beartrap Summer Festival. Rawlins has Latinofest.

And because of the political and social climate attributed to nowadays, Latinofest possesses even greater importance than I originally conceived. Good food, good music, good drinks, good family, good times…

Like I say, it may not be much at first, but it’s certainly a step closer to bringing people back together.

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