Council awards bid for new entryway signs

The Rawlins Daily Times proudly presents winners of the annual people’s choice awards. Response to this year’s survey shows overwhelming support from the people of Carbon County. The honor gives recognition to organizations, businesses and individuals who have provided exceptional service and dedication to the community.

Congratulations to all winners of the Best of Carbon County!

Best Bakery Best Bar

1st — Sweet Marie’s 1st — Hole in the Wall

Runner-up — City Market Runner-up — Peppermill

Best Coffee Best Mexican Food

1st — Deb’s 1st — Su Casa

Runner-up — Huckleberry’s Runner-up — Rose’s Lariat

Best Burgers Best Wings

1st — Buck’s 1st — Shogunz

Runner-up — Mike’s Big City Grill Runner-up — Pizza Hut

Best Cocktail Best Catering

1st — Buck’s 1st — Mike’s Big City Grill

Runner-up — Peppermill Runner-up — Crave 6

Best Lunch Best Asian Cuisine

1st — Buck’s 1st — Anong’s

Runner-up — Hotel Wolf Runner-up — Four Seasons

Best Pizza Best Steak

1st — Shogunz 1st — Mike’s Big City Grill

Runner-up — Pizza Hut Runner-up — Wolf Hotel

Best Atmosphere Best Dinner

1st — Buck’s 1st — Mike’s Big City Grill

Runner-up — Peppermill Runner-up — Cappy’s

Best Bartender Best Server

1st — Aaron Seiloff 1st — Patty Sheets

Runner-up — Jimmy Campbell Runner-up — Sonika Coman

Best Cook Best Real Estate Agent

1st — James Baca 1st — Sage Creek

Runner-up — Josh Kramer Runner-up — ERA Frontier

Best Hardware Store Best Furniture Store

1st — Shively Hardware Downtown 1st — Rasmusson Furniture

Runner-up — True Value of Rawlins Runner-up — Woodward & Associates

Best Flooring Retailer Best Home & Garden

1st — Morgan’s Flooring 1st — True Value of Rawlins

Runner-up — Woodward & Associates Runner-up — Build-Rite

Best Paint Store Best Contractor/Handyman

1st — True Value of Rawlins 1st — Richard Prince

Runner-up — Build-Rite Runner-up — Bob Hahn

Best Electrician Best Plumber

1st — Ryan Grabow 1st — T & T Plumbing

Runner-up — Tim Green Runner-up — Bob’s Plumbing

Best Realtor Best Remodeler

1st — Veronica Pell 1st — Rick Prince

Runner-up — Patty Armenta Runner-up — Kurtis Hays

Best Painter Best Golf Course

1st — Ray Martinez 1st — Sinclair Golf Course

Runner-up — Maria Sauzo Laboy Runner-up — Saratoga Inn Golf

Best Campground Best Fishing

1st — Lazy Acres 1st — Seminoe Lake

Runner-up — KOA Runner-up — North Platte River

Best Park Best Gym

1st — Washington 1st — CC Athlete

Runner-up — Encampment Park Runner-up — Recreation Center

Best Auto Body Shop Best Accounting Firm

1st — Wreck-A-Mend 1st — Hofmann & Ramsey

Runner-up — Jack’s Body & Fender Runner-up — Roger Schneider

Best Bank Best Insurance Agency

1st — Rawlins National Bank 1st — Farm Bureau

Runner-up — Bank of Commerce Runner-up — State Farm

Best Outfitter Best Salon/Spa

1st — Spur Outfitters 1st — Beauty Shop

Runner-up — Hack’s Tackle Runner-up — Red Sage Salon/Spa

Best Internet Provider Best Auto Maintenance

1st — Charter 1st — Ross’ Automotive

Runner-up — Millhouse Runner-up — O’Riley

Best Auto Parts Store Best Hotel/Motel/Lodge

1st — Car Quest 1st — Hampton Inn

Runner-up — O’Riley’s Runner-up — Best Western

Best Pet Supply Store Best Library

1st — Bomgaars 1st — Rawlins

Runner-up — Tractor Supply Runner-up — Saratoga

Best Firefighter Best Librarian

1st — Logan Kelley 1st — Rick Martin

Runner-up — Pat Waliser Runner-up — Patti McCulloch

Best Accountant Best Financial Advisor

1st — Kasandra Ramsey 1st — Kris Thorvaldson

Runner-up — Roger Schneider Runner-up — Kristian Hiatt

Best Mechanic Best Bank Teller

1st — Chuck Ross 1st — Caycee Cox

Runner-up — Storm Dustin Runner-up — Megan McElroy

Best Customer Service Best Store Pet

1st — Caycee Cox 1st — Kiki (True Value)

Runner-up — Michelle Munda Runner-up — Finnley (Town & Country)

Best Hairstylist Best Personal Trainer

1st — Amber Martinez 1st — Darby Goodspeed

Runner-up — Tiffany Wrigley Runner-up — Kelsey Hunter

Best Police Officer Best Corrections Officer

1st — John Moore 1st — John Gonzales

Runner-up — Jared Frakes Runner-up — Mark Viau

Best Custodian Best Clinic

1st — Arlene Martinez 1st — Spruce St. Med

Runner-up — Don Nicholls Runner-up — Cedars Health

Best Pharmacy Best Dentist

1st — City Market 1st — Dr. Engstrom

Runner-up — Wal-Mart Runner-up -Dr. Stoddard

Best Nurse Best Physical Therapist

1st — Christina Baugh 1st — Nate Tanner

Runner-up — Barb James Runner-up — Jean Guy

Best EMT Best Chiropractor

1st — Toni Dixon Martinez 1st — Dr. George

Runner-up — MaryEllen Taylor Runner-up — Kendra Simms

Best CNA Best Physician

1st — Lupita Lascano 1st — Dr. Abel’s

Runner-up — Valerie Drayton Runner-up — Dr. Cunningham

Best Optometrist Best Pharmacist

1st — Dr. Peiper 1st — Chris Murray

Runner-up — Dr. Jenkins Runner-up — Cindy Shepard

Best Dental Hygienist Best Auto Dealership

1st — Barbara Rangitsch 1st — Dallin Motors

Runner-up — Amy Romero Runner-up — Skyline Motors

Best Gift Shop Best Liquor Store

1st — Hat Creek 1st — Nothing to Wine About

Runner-up — Hat Creek Runner-up — City Market

Best Firearms Dealer Best Grocery Store

1st — Bi-Rite Sporting Goods 1st — City Market

Runner-up — Davidson’s Runner-up — Wal-Mart

Best Car Salesperson Best Salesperson

1st -Rick Capozzoli 1st — Rick Capozzoli

Runner-up — Jennifer Boykin Runner-up — Cassandra Baca

Best Clothing Store Best Art Gallery

1st — K & Ko 1st — Red Dessert

Runner-up — Graphic Sports Runner-up — Laura M

Best School Best Non-Profit

1st — Encampment K-12 1st — CC Child Development

Runner-up — Rawlins Elementary Runner-up — Boys & Girls Club

Best Annual Event Best Employer (20+)

1st — Music in the Park 1st — Sinclair Refinery

Runner-up — Bull Fest Runner-up — Encampment K-12

Best Employer (-20) Best Public Official

1st — Saratoga Feed-Grain 1st — Leo Chapman

Runner-up — Wyoming Frontier Prison Runner-up — Doreen Harvey

Best Elementary Teacher Best Highschool Teacher

1st — Jake Johnston 1st — Cheryl Monroe

Runner-up — Janelle Larsen Runner-up — Nancy Steinburg

Best Advanced Teacher Best Mid-School Teacher

1st — Travis Moore 1st — Diana Espy

Runner-up — Tammy Stevens Runner-up — Angie Royal

Best Volunteer Best Elected Official

1st — Patti Hayes 1st — Sue Jones

Runner-up — Mary Martin Runner-up — DeBari Martinez

Best Band Best Traveler

1st — Rawlins High School 1st — Leroy Montoya

Runner-up — Steal House Blues Runner-up — Delcy Moulder

Best Comedian Best Artist

1st — Cassandra Baca 1st — Marge McCrea

Runner-up — Josh Saier Runner-up — Jared James

Best Hunter Best Camper

1st — Michael Lujan 1st — Courtney James

Runner-up — Travis Schinkel Runner-up — Rick Greene

Best Beard Best Soloist

1st — Aaron Seiloff 1st — Catie Taylor

Runner-up — David Mink Runner-up — Travis Blaylock

Best Friend Best Cowboy Hat

1st — Cassandra Baca 1st — J Stratton

Runner-up — Madeline Gonzales Runner-up — Tate Turrell

Best Fisherman

1st — Shawn Dahl

Runner-up — Rob Border

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