RAWLINS — The time has come for residents of Rawlins to get rid of old materials lounging around their property.

The city of Rawlins invites residents to take advantage of a week of selective free waste service to help clean the neighborhoods.

Public Works Administrative Secretary Ariel Phipps said residents will be allowed from June 4-12 to haul an unlimited amount of old furniture, water heaters, grills, bikes, trees, refrigerators without Freon, scrap metal, old chain link fencing, scrap wood, railroad ties and construction materials to the waste site.

“We tried the curbside pickup a few years ago and it was just too much work for our employees,” Phipps said. “We lost a lot of money doing that and people tried to take advantage of the city by tearing down whole structures.”

Phipps said such waste would normally cost about $70 a ton. In addition, the lone requirement for residents is that they cover their waste with a web net or tarp. Those who do not could be charged a $25 fine.

“Tammy or whoever is running the shack will physically get out of the shack and look through the back of the truck,” she said. “If they see something that is not acceptable they will tell them, ‘Hey, this isn’t acceptable.’”

Phipps said the free service does not pertain to area commercial entities and that they will continue to be charged as normal.

Like other years, unacceptable materials include refrigerators with Freon, hazardous waste, municipal solid waste, electronics, concrete and tires.

“Your household trash isn’t free,” she said. “If you take it out there you’re still going to get where you are going to do the same process and you will be charged for the municipal solid waste.”

Landfill Superintendent Marty Holloway said they typically see about 60-100 vehicles a workday and 100-150 vehicles on the weekend. The numbers rise to 130-270 cars during the free week and more than 300 plus during the weekend.

Residents with questions should contact Phipps at 328-4599.

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