Rawlins – Tuesday marked Awards Night at Rawlins High School.

From co-curricular and athletic awards, student council recognitions and scholarship announcements, the occasion celebrated the distinguished honors and goals these students have strived to achieve during the 2017-’18 school year.

The recognitions are as follows:

Co-curricular awards

2018 FBLA Member of the Year: Ryan Pfeffer.

Outstanding Intramural Participant: Karina Delgado.

Student Council Member of the Year: John Gonzales.

Outlaw Round-Up Yearbook Award: Nick Delgado, James Doney.

Outstanding Speech/Debate: Toby Arment.

Key club: Laura Friend.

Peer Buddy of the Year (Best Buddies): Selena Landa.

Buddy of the Year (Best Buddies): Kyle Lewis.

Outstanding Club of the Year: FBLA.

Athletic awards

Silver letter award: Evan Epp, Cutter Foster, Stephanie Hernandez Torres, Bryce Jerome, Gerardo Lopez, Kaitlin McDaniel, Tristin Mikesell, Tyler Otto, Colby Rodriguez, Aivree Skidgel, Neftali Solis, Brooklynn Arnold, Jesse Mendoza, Olyvia Pacheco, Denae Schoel.

Gold Letter award: McKayla Earl, Sadie Forney, Daniela Gonzales, Bryce Jerome, Hayli Newbrough.

Red letter award: Hayli Newbrough.

Academic All-Conference Award: Brock Hansen, Tristen Mikesell.

Southwest Honorable Mention Outstanding Male Senior-Student Athlete: Bryce Jerome.

Honorable Mention Outstanding Female Senior Student-Athlete: McKayla Earl.

Outstanding Senior Boy Athlete award: Neftali Solis.

Outstanding Senior Boy Athlete award: McKayla Earl.

Sportsmanship Award: Aivree Skidgel.

Del Dixon Memorial Award: Neftali Solis.

Academic awards

First academic letter: Alex Castilleja, Raegen Cunningham, Chantel Flores, Cutter Foster, Bryce Jerome, Ana Latorre, Jasper Martinez, Kryslin Poppie, Alissa Sellars, Aivree Skidgel, Brooklyn Arnold, Roberto Esparza, Priscila Martinez, Daniel Morales, Syndey Shellito, Mackenzie Thompson, Breeallyn Castillo, Laura Friend, Chad Hansen, Damien Kroese Olivas, Joshua Laird, Getty Marburger, Kenneth Raymond, Jordan Sheets, Sierra Skinner, Crystal Torres, Kenady Vandiver, Anneka Woolner.

Second academic letter: Shae Belford, McKayla Earl, Sadie Forney, Daniela Gonzales, Stephanie Hernandez, Kaitlin McDaniel, Toby Arment, Makaylah Berkovitz, Kaylene Cooper, Abby Frakes, Hunter Keplinger, Selena Landa, Olyvia Pacheco, Whitney Paulson, Hope Paulson, Denae Schoel, Mackenzie Steele, Sydney Thayer, Miranda Wagner, Samantha Waring.

Third academic award: Jacob Arment, Dylan Flack, Brock Hansen, Tristen Mikesell, Tyler Otto, Jezevae Schrock, Haili Shepard, Makayla Berkovitz, Ryan Pfeffer.

Fourth academic letter: Jacob Arment, Brock Hanse, Tristen Mikesell.

Outlaw Service Letter: Hayli Newbrough.

Bank of Commerce $750 scholarship: Haili Shepard, Reagan Cunningham.

Allen Insurance $500 scholarship: Alissa Sellars, Brock Hansen.

Rawlins High School $375 scholarship: McKayla Earl, Colby Rodriguez.

Bausch & Lamb Science award: Ryan Pfeffer.

Chapter A.P.E.O. Sisterhood Freshmen girls: Hannah Baldwin, Aliya Edwards, Katelyn Frakes, Katelyn France, Madelynn Kulmus, Lillian Laird, Arumy Perez, Brittany Rodriguez, Mylee Tanner, Darby Thayer, Sydney Thorvaldson, Maddison Wright.

Chapter A.P.E.O. Sisterhood Sophomore girls: Breeallyn Castillo, Laura Friend, Crystal Torres, Anneka Woolber.

Chapter A.P.E.O. Sisterhood Junior girls: Makaylah Berkovitz, Kaylene Cooper, Selena Landa, Hope Paulson, Denae Schoel, Mckenzie Steele.

Rawlins Lions Club Freshmen boys: Ryan Flack, Aragon Garro, Austin Martinez, Isaac Nitschke, Taylor Torstenbo.

Rawlins Lions Club Sophomore Boys: Chand Hanson, Joshua Laird.

Rawlins Lions Club Junior Boys: Toby Arment, Hunter Keplinger, Ryan Pfeffer.

Student Council

President: McKaylah Berkovitz.

Vice-President: Ryan Pfeffer.

Secretary: James Doney.

Treasurer: Toby Arment.

Student Body President and $1,000 Jamie Rochelle Memorial Scholarship recipient: John Gonzales.

Scholarship Announcements

Principal’s Award: Kianna Illescas.

American Association of University Women, Estella Arlee Seavorson Memorial Award: Daniela Gonzales.

William J. Williams Award for Boys: Neftali Solis.

George Eliopulos Memorial Award: Bryce Jerome.

The Francis A. Connor Memorial Award: McKayla Earl.

The Gage McSpadden Memorial Award: Haili Shepard.

The St. Thomas Episcopal Church Leaptop Recipient: Cynthia Vargas.

Co-Valedictorian of the Class of 2018: Jacob Arment, David Brock Hansen.

Salutatorian of the Class of 2018: Tristen Mikesell.

Chaoter AF, P.E.O. Sisterhood Senior Girls: Haili Shepard, Jezevae Schrock.

Top 10 Percent of the Graduating Class: Haili Shepard, Jesevae Schrock, Dylan Flack, Tyler Otto, Reagan Cunningham, Ana Latorre.

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