Steve Machnicki, the longtime attendant at the Saratoga landfill/transfer station, was found dead, of natural causes, in his home on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 4, by Saratoga Police Chief Ken Lehr.

Steve, who was the face everyone saw at the transfer station for the past 6.5 years, lived alone and was discovered missing when he did not open the landfill on Saturday morning.

Steve had major health and breathing problems and over the past year these issues had resulted in numerous trips to the emergency room at Carbon County Memorial Hospital. He had been found a week ago by the Saratoga Police Department, face down in the snow in his yard, said Lehr, suffering from a diabetic reaction.

According to a county medical examiner, Steve had died about midnight on Friday, said Lehr.

“I found him setting in his recliner, after gaining entry on Saturday afternoon,” he said. “There was no foul play.”

His trailer house is sealed until his estate is settled, said Lehr.

Steve has a mother, a brother and a sister in Fort Collins, Colo. He also has a daughter in Las Vegas and a recent ex-wife in Ohio.

He has been cremated and his cremains will be picked up by his brother and returned to Fort Collins, said Lehr. No Saratoga services are planned at press time.

To plant a tree in memory of Longtime Saratoga as a living tribute, please visit Tribute Store.

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