A Rawlins Colonel beats the throw while sliding into home.

RAWLINS – The Rawlins Colonels struggled on Thursday during double header with Green River’s Legion Knights, eventually giving up 17 runs on the day.

During Thursday’s first game, the Colonels started slow, giving up two runs in the first inning. The Knights continued their assault on the Colonel’s pitching staff, eventually scoring in every inning except the second and fourth.

Though the defense was slowing giving ground to Knight’s hitters, the Colonel’s offense was unable to heat up their own bats.

This was thanks in large part to the Knight’s starting pitcher, who finished his day with seven innings pitched, 12 strikeouts, and a 0.00 WHIP.

Due the Knight’s domination from the mound, the Colonel’s bats remained silent throughout the game, eventually ending the game without a hit.

Colonel’s pitcher Isiaha Flores finished his day after 4.1 innings, having struck out three, with a 2.77 WHIP. Flores did take charge of the strike zone; however, throwing 14 first-pitch strikes.

P.J. Serna pitched 1.2 innings for the Colonels, striking out two. Serna ended his first game of the day with a 1.20 WHIP.

The Colonels struggles continued in their second game, as the Knights jumped out to a four-run lead before the top of the first even ended, though their scoring spree had only just begun.

In the top of the next inning, the Knights, still leading 4-0, managed to continue their streak of timely hitting, as they managed to drive in a further three runs. The top of the next inning brought much of the same, as the Knights drove in three more runs in the top of the third, extending their lead to 10-0.

After the Knights put up a double-digit lead, the Colonels managed staunch the runs, as they kept Knight runners from crossing home plate for the rest of the game.

The Colonels finally got on the board in the bottom of the fourth, ending the shutout, bringing the score to 10-1, the last change of the day.

The game was called after the fifth inning.

During the second game, Colonel’s pitcher Canyon Greene struck out one batters during his time on the mound, with 7 first-pitch strikes, lasting 2.1 inning. Greene would eventually finish his day with a 2.57 WHIP.

P.J. Serna pitched two innings for the Colonels, striking out three batters, the most of any pitcher during the game. Serna took charge of the count by throwing three first-pitch strikes while on the mound.

The Colonels managed one hit on the day before the game was called. Two errors would also be charged to the Colonels before their day was out.

The Colonels are hoping to bounce back as they take on a doubleheader against the Evanston Trappers on Saturday, scheduled to start at noon and 2 p.m.

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